Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's grand having little Kiki but she needs things!
So...I took a little trip to Wally World and here's what I came up with.
 Accessories to hold our food.
Now if you visit me at my other blog ~ Note Songs ~ you know I have lots of dishes and could have used some of them but I didn't want to break anything so I got these.

I found these lovely plates by Better Homes and Gardens that won't break.
In my young married days we called this stuff melamine.
 Great salad or dessert bowls.
 Then the cutest little cereal bowls.
I love all of the color.
Are you feeling the vibe? :)

 Must have utensils too so we can poke the food into our mouths.
 These were so cute and so cheap. So cheap that one of the knife handles has already broken off.
Live and learn! :)
 Then I spied these pretty red plastic glasses for my diet Cherry Doctor Pepper.
 I'm getting all my gear together so we'll be prepared to go somewhere in Kiki.
I don't know for sure if I'll cook or not! That's another story.
Gotta get some tiny and pans and such.
 Maybe Mr. Precious will grill for us, 
but I'm set now with my little plastic dinnerware.
Do you like these?
I sure do.

So, until next time!!
Rock on or whatever floats your boat or keep on Rving ~ which I've not officially done yet, or...well, I'll be quiet now.
Thanks for popping in!
Shelia :)


  1. Shelia,
    Dear friend, I L O V E your choice of dishes for Kiki!!!
    When we had our Camper~travel trailer, I purchased blue & white enamelware. NON~Breakable, also!!!
    We had a lake lot where we put our camper from March to October. "Mr. Ed" had dug and built a "fire~pit" and a deck. . .so we spend many a weekend there. We didn't even have cell phones!!!
    You're going to enjoy your adventures, dear one!!!
    Love the photo ...especially seeing "Mr. Precious" checking out all the control panels in the background!!!
    EnJOY yourselves!!!

  2. Shelia of course Kiki needs her own special dishes. Love the colors and patterns. No sense eating if you can't have pretty dishes I say!

  3. I LOVE your new dishes. Every summer I look at the beautiful plastic dishware at Walmart and think about changing the colors in my vintage trailer! I can't wait to see what else you do with Kiki.

  4. Shelia, that dish set is so darn cute! What a great color palette! I will have to take a closer look at it next time I'm at Walmart.

  5. You are gonna have so much fun with her, Shelia. I can't wait to see you really use her for the first time-xo Diana

  6. Hello Shelia, I did the same thing you did when we bought our RV. I went straight to Walmart and bought dishes, silverware and glasses etc. Everything to match included towels and linens. Such fun. It was wise to buy breakable's. I found out the hard way that dishes get pretty messed up on the road.

    Enjoy your new home away from home. We love to travel with ours. A new adventure for you both.

    Love, Jenne

  7. Like, like, like!! You got some adorable stuff.

  8. They are so pretty and colorful. Absolutely, you had to have a special set.

  9. Hi Shelia, that's a very beautiful collection, love the colour especially the cereal bowl.

    Have a nice day.

  10. How did I miss all these posts, I forgot to add Kiki to my sidebar! Shame on me! Well, I love the colors you have here for the kitchen! How fun, and non-breakable, that's as good as it gets. I'm going now to read about Louisiana, your trip there.

    Hugs ~ Mary


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