Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Night in New Braunfels

Hi y'all! Well, I wanted to continue with our little trip and share it with you.
 After one night in Austin we decided to travel on down the road to New Braunfels.

 I had to take this snap as Kiki looked great with the Starbucks sign in the background! :)
Almost looks like Kiki is a moving billboard for Starbucks. 

 It was around noon time and we needed some nourishment and this little place looked great!
Centerpoint Station is in San Marcos near the Tangier outlet mall and right off of I-35 (exit 200, to be exact).
 It was just filled with olden cuteness. Don't you love this stuff?
 Mr. Precious and I shared a cheeseburger and a basket with onion rings and french fries.
The grease was having a ball flowing through our arteries! 
We don't eat like this often but when we do it's yummy! Really was good food.
Lunch was over and we were off to find a RV camping site.

We were rolling down interstate 35 and Mr. Precious saw this in New Braunfels:
 River Ranch Resort under the bridge of interstate 35!
 Here sits Kiki ready to be hooked up. The neat thing about the spot where we parked ~ we were backed up to the Guadalupe River. Even though it was still Texas hot a little breeze was coming off the river and it was quite pleasant. There were fishermen out there, boats slowing going by, canoers, and a few folks floated by on inner tubes. 

We had some very cute neighbors who came by a few times for a visit and I treated them to some bread slices. Hope it wasn't illegal. 

It really was a pretty spot.

 Look at these roots. Just amazing!
 This was our view from our bed. I'll show you the bed area in Kiki when I get it fixed up.
 Right now I just have a quilt thrown over the sheets and I'm looking for some linens.

 Lord, have mercy! Now you wouldn't have caught me out by that water. I was skeert! :)
I flipped this bottom snap over so you could see it: Cahaba Snake Trap! I've never seen a snake trap before and the little graphic on the far right is a rat. You don't think they poke rats in there to attract the belly crawlers do you? Yuk, I don't even want to think about it.
 Okie, dokie. Now I'm going to tell you a little story. As I've told you we are very new at RVing and we're learning as we go along. When Mr. Precious had Kiki all backed in we were ready to connect the electricity and the black and gray water hose. All was going well and then we smelled something really nasty. Trust me ~ nasty! Mr. Precious lifted up the panel to connect the black and gray waters' hose and OH MY LORD! There was nasty water and items floating around in the tray! 
The stench almost knocked us down. Now honey, this is not the water was from the sink or shower. You know what I mean. Nasty! So I ran and got the water hose and Mr. Precious started washing all of the nasty stuff away. Oh, hallelujah, it was going to be okay. Then Mr. Precious asked me where was this nasty item filled water going? I ran around the back of Kiki and saw it was floating on over and underneath the RV parked next to us! OH MY LORD!
So Mr. Precious ran over and knocked on their door and told the gentleman what had happened and he was so sorry and the gentleman said 'things happen'. Then one of employees of the RV park showed up with bleach and a very long water hose and poured bleach all over the nasty spots and did his magic with the water hose. He said he'd seen worse. I think I'd get another job.
We had forgotten to do something but at the moment I've forgotten what it was.
I'm sure we'll never do that again. :)

Well, even after that we had a nice evening with cheese sandwiches and salt and vinegar chips. 
I was not going to cook after that ordeal.
We slept really peacefully and we would come back to this park. 
Again, the employees here were so nice. After all, they could have kicked us out!
Next morning, we packed up and drove on down the road.
We just had to drive to San Antonio and take Kiki to the Alamo! 
Don't you see her smiling!

Till next time...
Shelia ;)


  1. Oh Shelia you and Kiki are having some adventures!! I'm sure that you will learn from your mistakes and I'm so glad the people at that park were so nice! It's a learning curve for sure. I am so afraid of snakes so that sign made me shiver!

  2. Looks like you two are having so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Shelia, thank for sharing with us your adventurous trip. Beautiful scenery.
    Have fun, cheers!

  4. I can't imagine being in that water with those type of snakes, I didn't know they had snake traps either! Like Linda I hate and I'm afraid of snakes, can't even watch them on TV.
    Anyway, glad you and hubs are having fun and learning as you go, I didn't know you had this blog too, glad you mentioned it so I could become a

  5. You are having quite the adventure already with Kiki. I'm sure there are lots to learn about one of these vehicles and hopefully you won't make a 'big stink' next time. :) We've never owned a trailer and only tented a few times in our early married life so I can imagine it's a whole new learning curve. I'm sure you will have a fun time together seeing some of the sites near and far. Enjoy! Blessings. Pam

  6. I've just dried my tears of hilarity at your misadventure, I'm laughing more at you dear Shelia, your face - your reactions etc. Oh dear -loud chuckle-
    Hahaha, we have so many snakes here I'd just snatch the brute by the throat and deal with it. ;)
    You are totally understated as a photographer, these photos of the camp site are utterly gorgeous especially the way you've captured the RV with the bridge and river backgrounds!
    I am so looking forward to more posts of your road trips! Sights, scenery and, misadventures!

  7. You had me ROFL at your nasty story!! NOT funny while it was happening, but what a great story. It's nice to be able to laugh at our misfortunes in hindsight.

    When we had one of our campers we had a water tank on wheels hooked up underneath it and every other day my husband would unhook the tank and drag it down the road to the dumping station. We did this so we wouldn't have to move the whole camper every time it needed to be emptied. Hubby says he didn't hate anything quite as much as hiking down the dusty road dragging a tank of crap behind him. LOL!!

    So glad to see you're out exploring and having fun - that's what it's all about anyhow.

  8. Oh Sheila you are going to have some wonderful adventures in your new RV..... Happy traveling.

  9. What great fun. We lived in San Antonio for ten years and I love SA and New Braunfels and, well, Texas. This was a lot of fun for me to share in your trip. Kiki is precious.

  10. We have had some similar experiences when we were breaking in the RV. Things do happen and all our experiences we have had with camp grounds or RV parks have been good ones.Have fun and enjoy the experience.

    Love, Jeanne

  11. Shelia,
    What an adventure, dear friend!!!
    The diner appeared to be a blast form the past in your photos!!!
    Always on the 'look~out' for snakes and such when you're RVing!!!
    We had a bout with mice in our camper trailer once.
    A friend shared to put new dryer sheets in the drawers and closets.
    It worked and the camper smelled so~o~o good!!!
    San Antonio, loved our visit there many, many years ago!!!


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