Thursday, August 17, 2017

Returning to York Harbor, Maine

During July, George, Willow and I decided to travel back to York Harbor, Maine. This is one of our favorite places to camp. We stayed at Libby's Oceanside RV Camp in the same space as we did in July, 2015. If you'd like to see that post just click HERE.
 Nothing like the rocky coast of Maine. So lovely and cool.
 Here is Kiki all set up. It stayed overcast the entire time we were here.
 Can't you just hear the crashing of the waves?

The smell of the ocean?
 Oh, and how could I forget to show you little Willow! Ain't she cute?
 One more snap of our little fuzzy face. I really do mean fuzzy face because she was due a hair cut!
 Let's take a little drive and look at houses. I love to do that, don't you?
Here I am with my head in the fog or is that smoke from the hamburgers grilling? Oh, well. This is the place to have lobstah! I forgot to take a snap of our grilled lobstahs because we ate them so fast. Trust me they were delicious. This is Maine after all and lobster is always pronounced 'lobstah'! :)

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. I want to get out to the east coast soon. I've been hoping for a fall visit- I've never been to Maine which is on my list of things to do! Looks like you guys were having fun there. Too bad there was so much cloudiness but I suppose that's not uncommon being by the ocean. Willow is too darn cute- I'm sure you are thrilled every day she greets you!

  2. Oh what a fun place to visit and lobster also WOW. Your little Willow is so cute.

    Enjoy your travels.


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