Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lake George and Lake Placid

Well, I thought it was time I posted some of our summer trips for you. Since we took our long long trip last year, we decided to go on some short little trips this year. So we've taken a few little 3 day trips. We do live in such a wonderful area to be so close to so many beautiful places.
So in June we hooked up Itsy (our Smart car) to Kiki and headed out for Lake George just a few miles from where we live. We stopped at one lovely RV campground but had to leave because they didn't allow dogs. Well, that wouldn't do because we're taking our little Willow with us. So we found the Whippoorwill Campsite and it was okay. 
 As you can see it was a nice park but we didn't want to stay but one night so we could head on to Lake Placid the next morning. We woke up and checked the weather and it was going to be cold in Lake Placid so we hopped in Itsy and drove home to get jackets and extra blanket and then back to the RV camp to move on.
Little Willow is 4 months old here and loves to go RVing with us. Isn't she sweet?
 After grabbing some hash browns from McDonalds (love those) we were off! Such a beautiful drive through the Adirondack Mountains.

Here we are at our camp!
 So cute and we liked it a lot. I forgot to bring my journal so I forgot how much it was a night. Oh, well. I do forget sometimes.
 Lake Placid is tucked in the Adirondacks and as you see, there are lovely streams to gaze upon. I'm sure that water was ice cold.
 We'll drive through the little downtown a bit.

 Here you see Mirror Lake. Isn't it beautiful?
 Hop back in the car and we'll show you something kinda special.

This is White Face Mountain which was the site of the 1932 & 1980 winter Olympics!
 See the little lifts!!
 Another lovely view of the rushing water at the base of White Face Mountain. I know I've poste lots of pictures I just wanted to share what a lovely area to camp in.
Willow says to turn out the lights it's bed time.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

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