Saturday, June 17, 2017

Work and Church in Roswell, New Mexico

Still in Roswell and we wanted to drive by George's old office. He was the manager of an insurance company and this was the building. We were amazed that it was a little church now. So being the shy ones we are, we just went in and met the pastor and he took us on a tour!
 George's old office was now the nursery! We were so pleased to see how nice it looked.
 This was the area where the secretaries were and folks would come in and pay their premiums. There was a counter here that separated the work area from the public. As we toured, George told the pastor stories and the pastor told us stories.
 The sanctuary was where all the desks were back in the day. The red wall held a huge chalk board and I would use my skills to keep a tally of the leading agents. I always helped when George needed me to.
Here's George and the pastor. When we left we prayed for him and he said a prayer for us of blessing and to have safe travels. What a wonderful feeling to know George's old office building is being used for the Lord and His work.
 We attended Gateway Baptist Church and wanted to see how it looked now.
 The grounds looked great! Gateway has quite a big Christian school and our children did attend here for a few years.
 We truly experienced a beautiful time when we worshiped here. We witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit and saw many folks come to know Jesus as their Savior.
 Come on in! The sanctuary looked great! We used to have a huge choir but it looks like they've removed the risers. We helped a little bit with the building of our church, of course financially, but George help with the roof and I helped wallpaper the bathrooms! We're so talented you know! :)
 Isn't the ceiling beautiful?
 This is a blurry photo because I was just so excited! This is the same Kawai grand piano I played during worship all those years ago! We had a great little praise band back then and I'm sure they still do.
We witnessed the building of this church and a time capsule was put behind the cornerstone here.  Both of our children met Jesus and were baptized here so there will always be a big place in our hearts for Gateway.

One more post of Roswell and we'll move on down the road.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. Oh I love this post, I'm all for listening to people who enjoy their faith. Alot of special memories:).
    Kathleen in Az


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