Saturday, June 17, 2017

We Made It To Galveston!

I haven't named every single state we've been through, mainly just the ones where we spent the night, but we're back in Texas now! Ya Hoo!
 We entered Bolivar Peninsula, Texas after leaving Louisiana. Above is the Bolivar lighthouse, one of the few in the state of Texas. 
Excuse all of the bug guts on the windshield but we are approaching the Bolivar Ferries! There wasn't a long line so Kiki got on the ferry pretty quickly.
 There's one of the ferries.
We're on and we're off! It is about a 15 minute ride on the ferry to Galveston Island. There you can see my most tiny head sitting in the front seat. It was really hot outside but you have to turn your motor off while your vehicle is on the ferry.
 Had to get a snap of George. He loves the ferry and remembers riding it when he was a little boy when his family came for a visit to Galveston.
 A few common sights while on the ferry - shrimp boats, sea gulls, Galveston in the distance and a ship from who knows where.
We made it to Galveston on the ferry and hurried on over to where we would spend three nights, The Sandpiper RV Resort. It's owned by our neighbor who lived across the street from us when we lived here. 
It's a very nice park, not very large but the sites are nice and roomy and surrounded by palm trees. It's just a little walk to the beach and you can hear the waves at night but it was too too hot to sleep with the windows open! I forgot how really hot and humid it is here. One of my friends said I'm beginning to have Northern blood! Maybe.
 The park was not full at all and maybe that had something to do with it being September and HOT!
Any way it was $60 a night, a little pricey, but you're practically on the beach. Cable TV was great here and I could access the wi fi just fine. There is a very nice swimming pool, laundry, baths and showers. To access those spaces, you walk up a flight of stairs. Now as you see, there is also a motel on site. So if you don't have an RV or camper you can just rent a room for the night.
The above and below snaps were taken with my cell phone so they are not as nice as I would like. The above two snaps are of the Pleasure Pier which was completed before we moved. We drove around town and not a lot had changed and did I mention how HOT it was?  Oh, we bought doughnuts! You may wonder what's so important about that? Honey, all they have in New York are Dunkin' Doughnuts and they can not compare to Shipley's fresh soft, melt in your mouth doughnuts! Doughnuts are one of my favorite foods you know. ;)
We drove by our old house and it looked different. Nice and neat but the new owners had painted the shutters black, got new front doors and redid the landscaping. Those were all nice improvements and I just knew I might be a little sad to see our old house again but I wasn't! Not at all! My heart and home is in New York now with my little grandbabies. Those who follow my Note Songs blog have been in that house many times for many years with me. Then...
Mexican food! Our favorite Mexican restaurant was called The Original! I had my chimichanga and it was just as delicious as it always was. We stayed three days because we had some business we needed to take care of and then we were off again.
Kiki was in need of some diesel and of course the best prices for car fuel is at Buc-ee's! Since there are no Buc-ee's any where near us we had to buy a big of  Beaver Nuggets - puffy sweet yumminesses than almost melt in your mouth. Trust me. But then, there is the fudge! They do make the most wonderful fudge in the world!! I love the chocolate with peanut butter. It is so rich and creamy you can't eat much of it. Well, I guess you could but you'd make yourself sick! ;)  

Okay, Galveston, bye bye! We're moving on.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. I'm thinking of that song Galveston, by Glen Campbell, love it! It was nice to see your old home, but like you said, home is where your grandkids are:). Mmm fudge, donuts, good Mexican food, sounds very delicious to me:)!
    Kathleen in Az
    Kathleen in Az


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