Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Bush Home in Midland, Texas

One more post from west Texas before we leave. Now I don't practice politics on either of my blogs but George and I love to visit Presidential museums or the homes of our Presidents - Republicans or Democrats. While in Midland we saw George W. Bush's childhood home and of course we had to tour it and I'll share it with you.
 As you can see this was a very small little house in an old rather neglected neighborhood close to downtown Midland.
I'm really sorry about the quality of these snaps. The light was completely wrong but I wanted to show you the living room. Some of the rooms had no furniture and were just set up with displays.
 These photo boards were set up in the dining room.
Now I just fell in love with the little kitchen! Don't you love it and there were so many charming vintage things in there I would have loved to have taken home. See those Pyrex bowls?
 I also loved loved the darling turquoise refrigerator. This was a fancy one. Do you see how the shelves twirl around? The cute little lady was our tour guide and she was the sweetest little thing.
 Look at the stove! I see my mother's pressure cooker on the burner and look at that substantial dutch oven!
 The kitchen table was set with these cute little dishes. Are they Old Franciscan or a knock off?  I can remember as a little girl getting little juice glasses like these in oatmeal boxes!
 Now this caught my attention! I have a cake saver just like this! Now when I was a teenager my mother started a "Hope Chest" for me. Back then all mothers would gather things for their daughters for when they got married and called it their "Hope Chest". We saved S & H Green Stamps and she let me paste them in the little books and I saved enough to get this cake saver! I still have it and still use it to this day!
I'm supposing no working kitchen would be complete without the little cart on wheels.
 Lovely light fixture.
 Pretty cute bathroom too. Do you remember Camay soup?
 This is a picture of President Bush when he toured the opening of the house and this was his room he was standing in. Below was his bedroom.
I'll close this post with a little snap of the Bush boys playing in the backyard. Looks like some neighbor kids were joining in the fun. This was on a plaque in the backyard. 

Hope you've enjoyed our little tour and now it's time to hop back in Kiki and head to New Mexico.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. I know my husband would've enjoyed the tour. Love the retro dishes and I'm not sure about the place settings, pretty though. I have my mom's cake holder, the dome is smooth and stainless with a glass plate, sweet memories:).
    Kathleen in Az


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