Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tannehill State Park

It's Tuesday, August 29, 2016, and after leaving Fort Payne we headed on down the road through Gadsden, toward Tuscaloosa and entered a little town called McCalla, Alabama and found the Tannehill State Park!
 It was very hot here but just a beautiful park. We only paid $26 for the night. In the south, most of the time the state parks' nightly fees are much less than KOAs or Good Sams. We've been in some state parks that didn't have all full hookups, but this one did.
 The office was the back of this cute little store which sold lots of nostalgia candies and kitchen things and of course - ICE! I love lots of ice you know!
 Here you can see how beautiful the park was and can you spot Kiki all settled in? Very wooded and kept nicely. The pine trees were gigantically tall and I wish I had had the room because I would have collected a bunch of pine cones! The sites weren't too close together, level and each site had a picnic table.
Here you can see the bath house and laundry area. These facilities were very nice and clean. Even though this park was in the middle of the thick woods, there were no bugs in the bathrooms. You know how I feel about those little nasty bugs! :)
 The park was just beautiful and I wanted to show you some of the most scenic areas.
 There were so many little old cabins that you could tour at certain times of the year and were used for kids to craft at certain times! We didn't go in any though.
The Tannehill Furnance was located in the park and you can see the dates it was founded here.
 Isn't it a lovely place? As we toured around we thought of all of the folks who had worked here and walked these grounds so many years ago.
Just a quick drive through the campground and found this group of campers who are big Auburn fans! Roll Tide! :) Oh, and one very patriotic southerner!

After all of the looking around the park, I was tired, George was tired, it was hot and no one wanted to cook dinner - inside Kiki or outside on the grill. So we hopped into Itsy and headed to McCalla and found a Popeye's Chicken place and brought back our dinner! Yummy! This heat was helping to make my broken knee leg's ankle swell. I'm so delicate you know! :)
 The next morning before we left the museum we wanted to tour the Iron and Steel Museum.
 What a wonderful museum and the displays were very nicely put together and informative. And, for adults $2 and senior adults (us) $1! Can't beat that, can you.
There were biking trails, hiking trails and then we found this historic little bridge. Streams were running through the entire park. Needless to say, this park was so charming and if you ever get the chance to stay here - I highly recommend it. We certainly would come back again.

We'll keep on going and until then...

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. The history of it all and very interesting. That's what Itsy is for! To scoot on out to get some food!
    Kathleen in Az


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