Saturday, June 17, 2017

San Angelo, Texas

On Wednesday, September 6, 2016, we headed off to San Angelo, Texas, where George was born and lived there until he was 26.
 I'll share with you a few of the snaps of the Texas highway into San Angelo.
Pretty, huh? But guess what? It was HOT! That seemed to be the theme going on in all of the towns in Texas we visited. Thank God for air conditioning!
 We stayed in a nice little park called the San Angelo KOA RV Park and it was $26 a night. It was very nicely kept and the folks in the office were so nice and friendly.
 Here's the cute little office building. You can see there is a nice little playground and little three wheelers that you could rent. In this part of Texas there are zillions of mesquite trees but none were large enough to give much shade. Very nice laundry and bath houses. Now I cut my own hair and by this time I was in need of a hair cut! So, what do I do? I go into the lovely little bathroom and get all prepared. I tear off long sheets of toilet paper and cover the sink and counter top so I won't get hair on all over it. I'm wetting my tiny head and getting my scissors and razor blade ready and a lady comes in to take out the trash. She looks at me kinda odd like so I think I need to explain to her what I'm doing. She smiles and says she cuts her hair too. I get back to my hair. Well in about three minutes another more mature lady comes in pretending to do things. She was checking up on me! I commenced to tell her I was just cutting my hair and I had layered the toilet paper over the counter and sink so I wouldn't mess anything up. She said, "Oh, that's okay just so you don't color your hair! We had a gal come in once and dyed her hair purple and got it all over the floor and shower." I assured her I was just cutting! Whew! I felt guilty! You know you do what you need to do!
 There were some cute little cabins to rent. There was a nice pool. The park is nice and level and the interior roads and sites are all gravel with a little concrete pad.We always ask for a 'pull through' because the way we tow Itsy, we can't back up.
I forgot to take a snap of where we parked but we were right across from the office. We had trouble hooking up our cable for TV so I went over to the office and the little man came over and helped us get set up. Well, y'all, it was just too HOT to cook and as I've said before 'I don't do well in heat' so what were we to do? Go out to eat! After all, I was looking pretty cute with my freshly cut hair! :)
Yes ma'am! We went to Zentner's Daughter Steakhouse! It was wonderful too! George got the two pound steak and ate half of it and took the rest back to Kiki. I love filet mignon and all I can say is nummy nummy!

We'll do some touring of San Angelo next.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. Honestly I started reading your travel posts earlier and now I can't stop! This is fun and thank you for sharing your journal. My that filet mignon looks delicious!
    Kathleen in Az


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