Saturday, June 17, 2017

Roswell Space Museum

You really didn't think we'd go back to Roswell and not take you to the UFO Museum did you? Of course not so here we are.
 Right on the main street and you can see little Itsy takes us everywhere we want to go.
Hamming it up!
 George isn't as hammy as I am! :)
 Come on in...
As you can see there was a map of the states and you could add a push pin to show where you were from.
I'm not going to talk any more and just let you see the pictures. In my opinion the museum was old, dusty and cheesy. I do believe the thrill is gone. They told us there used to be alien parades in the summer and everyone could dress up in costumes and they had a special UFO day. Anyway.

What'd I tell you? :) Well, we wanted to see the museum and we did. There have been so many movies, documentaries and such there's not much that's new. 

Thanks for coming to Roswell with us!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. I love the old movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still!
    I enjoyed my visit in Roswell:).
    Kathleen in Az


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