Saturday, June 17, 2017

Roswell, New Mexico

Kiki took us on about a four hour ride to Roswell, New Mexico. We lived here with our children from 1976 - 1986. It was a wonderful place to live and the folks in Roswell are so friendly. Roswell is located in the southeastern part of the state and very close to Cloudcroft and Ruidoso where in the winter you can ski in the mountains. Lots of farming and ranching here in this area. Trust me, there are very good steaks to eat here.
We celebrated all four seasons in Roswell. The winters were cold and lots of snow but nothing like we have in New York. The summers are hot but dry. Needless to say when we pulled in to our RV camp on Friday, September 7, 2016, it was extremely hot hot hot! This seemed to be the theme on our trip.
 As you can see, we stayed two nights at the Town and Country RV Camp on Brasher Road. This was outside of town but was very clean, well kept and the laundry room and bath houses were just immaculate. We paid $40 a night to stay. This was the second time on our trip where I needed to do laundry. Now you usually can buy a little box of laundry detergent and softie sheets in the camp's store or laundry rooms. Now I'm just so smart and bring my own laundry detergent and softies.
This is where we parked. It was a very nice level spot with a shade tree but I don't think we really ever benefited from the shade! There were lots of folks staying long term here. We were so tired our first night that we took out to look around town and ate dinner at Red Lobster. Never can go wrong at Red Lobster. I love my pop corn shrimp!
 I'll share a little bit of town with you. Roswell is just a small town kinda place.
 This restaurant is still here after all of the years we've been away! Lord, have mercy! The best Mexican food you'll ever eat is in the state of New Mexico! The rich green chili sauce! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
 This is the local stationery shop and I have fond memories of this place as I took a night class here to learn calligraphy. I did so well the owner started sending business my way! I was so excited and just loved to do calligraphy. I did lots of certificates for churches, even some Cabbage Patch Kids doll birth certificates, wedding invitations and the jobs I enjoyed the most were high school reunions. Y'all I got paid for this! Now a days you can just choose the calligraphy font on your computer and print away. Very seldom do I pull out my pins and ink any more but I really did enjoy it.
Okay, back to our little tour of Roswell. Above is the New Mexico Military Institute, affectionately call NMMI (Nimmi) by the locals. A couple of memories for me was playing for weddings in the NMMI chapel. There was a huge concert grand Steinway piano that sounded like a million bucks and how I loved to play it. You really didn't even need flowers because if you had an afternoon wedding the sun would shine just so into these ceiling to floor stained glass windows and the chapel would just come alive! Then on the fourth of July, our little family would bring a quilt and would all sprawl out on a little hill at NMMI and watch the fireworks.

Eastern New Mexico University is located here. Did you know the singer, John Denver and the actress, Demi Moore were born here? You'll find the Bottomless Lakes State Park, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Spring River Park and Zoo (when my kids were little there was a glorious wooden carousel they could ride for free, don't know if it's still here now), lots of great schools and many churches.
Here is some old hangers? from the old Air Force base that was here. You know all about it if you've heard about the UFO incident. This was the air base that participated in the discovery of the alien. Now you must believe me, when we lived here there was never a mention of an alien crash! Really! I didn't know anything about it until my sister-in-law read the book "The Roswell Incident" and told me about it. I asked an older friend and he said it was just something the old timers said had happened here. I just dismissed it and didn't think about it any more. When we moved away the town went ballistic!  It became UFO city! Anyway...
When we lived here, the pilots training for Lufthansa practiced their takeoffs and landings here on these runways. Now these runways have become an old plane cemetery if you will! 
 Now if you're in Roswell today, you're going to see lots of aliens. They are everywhere!
 I must say I had forgotten how beautiful the skies are in Roswell. Isn't it something how in different parts of our country the skies can look so differently? The sunsets here are amazingly beautiful. Unfortunately at the end of my day instead of going out and taking a picture of the sunsets I was heading to my bed in Kiki!

We'll continue with Roswell next time.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. Wow! You lived all over the states! I didn't know that Roswell had four seasons, sounds lovely to me. Where I live, mmmm sadly it seems that summer is getting longer here, hotter and humid.
    The church sounds heavenly,
    Kathleen in Az


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