Saturday, June 17, 2017

Notre Dame University

Moving right along we entered the state of Indiana and it was now the middle of September.
 This is a blurry drive by shooting but it amazes me how the landscape can change so from state to state.
We stayed in a KOA campground in Granger, Indiana.
This was also such a pretty camp and paid $41 for our one night here. Now we were trying to enter as many states as we could on our trip so we hopped in Itsy, our little Smart Car, and drove across the Michigan state line so we could add another new state! We're so talented like that you know! :)
 We had to drive to South Bend so we could see Notre Dame. Now I'll apologize right here, right now. We are not sports enthusiasts and know nothing about football so it is what it is! I don't know what I'm saying! :) Okie dokie, just look at the snaps...
Okie, this one thing I can say and I want to to join me...

hee hee

Oh, one more important thing to tell you, when we left the Uni we popped into a thrift shop and I found a pretty white tureen to add to my collection for $5! Yay me!

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

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  1. So do you buy something from each state, like a magnet? Aww a thrift store stop! Good for you,
    Kathleen in Az


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