Saturday, June 17, 2017

Looky Louing

Okie dokie! Here on our second day in Roswell we couldn't wait to drive by the homes we lived in and schools our children attended. Do you do that too when you go back to the places you've lived?
 The above is the Plains Park Shopping Center. It looks just the same as it did when we lived here. There had been a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, gone now, where I shopped.
 You may not want to see these next two photos - nasty! When we moved here in the summer of 1976, this was a brand new apartment complex in a New Mexican style with the flat roofs and stucco walls. We were totally shocked when we saw it again! Look how run down and sad!
We lived on the right hand side of this photo. This was a very nice apartment then! It was a three bedroom, two bath with laundry area. There was atrium in the very center where all three bedrooms looked out on. The master bedroom had sliding glass doors so you could go out there. We very seldom went out there because it was just too hot. I can remember the first meal I cooked and used the oven. I started to smell something hot and opened the oven door and there was a piece of cardboard laying on the bottom and it was about to catch on fire! I don't think I'd ever had a new stove so I didn't think to check to make sure nothing was in there. Well, the condition of the apartment just made us sad. But I do have a cute little story to tell you.
 Now before you accuse me of child abuse, remember this was 1976 and things were much different then. The little store you see above is located right next to the apartments where we lived and I would take the kids with me to shop. We would save our glass coke bottles and return them for a little cash. It looked better now than it did way back then. Anyway, our daughter was very young and I would let her ride her tricycle on the sidewalk in front of our apartment. Usually our son, who was five years older, would be with her. Her tricycle squeaked and I could always hear her. All of a sudden it began to rain and I didn't hear her tricycle squeaking! I frantically ran outside and couldn't find her. She had made her way to this little store and was banging on the door crying, "Mama! Mama!" I was so relieved she was okay I just grabbed her up and took her home. Y'all this really was a different time. I remember all the mothers who brought their children to the grocery store with them would park them in the toy aisle and then go get them when the shopping was completed. Yes, I did that too! Some kids even unwrapped the toys! The store manager didn't even seem to mind! Another day, yes, ma'am!
 This building was the neighborhood theater back then and during the summer there was a 'summer program' for your children. You bought them passes and two afternoons a week they could come and see kid shows. During this time, I would make pop corn for them and send them with their little drink cups so they had their snacks. Everyone did this then and the theater folks didn't mind at all! You'd probably get arrested if you tried to bring your own snacks in today.
 Okay, after we lived in the apartment for about six months we bought this little red brick house. Again, we were very sad. It had been so neglected and grown up.

Can you say sad? This was a very cute little house in a lovely little neighborhood. That tree stump you see used to be a beautiful blue spruce and even though you can't see it, there is a very large picture window behind all of that growth on the wall. At night in the winter if it began to snow we were all glued looking out of the picture window to watch the snow as it came down. There was a street lamp that lit up the snow like glitter.
 This was the next house we bought in an area called Enchanted Hills and on a clear day you could see the Capitan Mountains. When we lived here it looked so much better because the shutters and trim were two pretty shades of light green. 
 I had planted a gazillion tulips and daffodils here and couldn't wait until the spring to see them pop up their little heads.
 Then on to the kid's schools. This was the elementary school our daughter attended called El Capitan. They had erected this very tall chain link fence and it made it look like a prison! We used to attend spaghetti suppers here and fall festivals.
Then on to Goddard High School where our son attended. It is named after rocket pioneer Robert Hutchings Goddard. You can see the big rocket there at the front. My son was in the band and played the drums. Lots of memories here too!

Hope you've enjoyed going down memory lane with me and I've got a couple more Roswell posts to show you.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I'm enjoying your trip and am in awe of how many places you have lived. I have only lived in 4 in my married life (40 years), and before that the house I grew up in and my college dorm. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I graduated in 1976 and I do remember feeling safe walking to the store when I was a kid. Last summer I went to my hometown and our house looked the same and next one, no longer there. My brother drove me around to see our schools and favorite haunts, some are still there looking very retro, oh and the streets are very narrow! I was born in the late 50s, grew up in the 60s and loved the 70s.
    Kathleen in Az


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