Saturday, June 17, 2017

Looking Back in San Angelo

Well, when we got all settled and fed, we headed out to look at the town of San Angelo. George was born here and left when he was 26 and that's when we met! That's another story for another day.
Texas is a great place to grab some bar-b-q and Underwoods is an old restaurant and they make some great bar-b-q! So we were out to reminiscence a bit about where George grew up.
 This little jewelry store is where we bought our wedding rings and it's still there!
 The old building you see above is called 'The Cactus Hotel'. Of course it's seen better days. It was very sad looking. The reason I'm even talking about it, The Cactus holds lots of memories for George. First of all, his little mother, her mother and grandmother lived here at one time. In it's hay day The Cactus was a very elegant place and they lived in a little apartment there. The restaurant was lovely with white tablecloths and there was a beautiful mezzanine. Then George's daddy worked there at one time. After we married The Cactus was turned into a senior adult retirement place. So when we would come to San Angelo, we'd go to see 'Daddy George', George's daddy, as we called him at The Cactus. At one time it was so lovely and it hurts a bit to see it just loosing its breath.
 Another George has always been very ambitious and when he was just a little boy he shined shoes outside of the old closed down barber shop. He still tells stories about some of his 'clients'!
When he had graduated from high school, he and a buddy bought a service station. This was where it was. He didn't have much business when he first opened so he didn't buy lot's of supplies. He told me when he would put a can of oil in a car he would then clean up the empty can and put it back on the shelf so it looked like he had lots of cans! As time went on the business took off and they had quite a business of selling gas as well as washing cars. They had a contract washing trucks from different companies.
Speaking of school, this is where he attended - Robert E. Lee. As you can see it looks great still.
 It's always nice to see a real windmill. I don't know if this is an actual working windmill but it looked great!
 The train depot and doesn't it look great? I don't think I've seen many two story train depots, have you?
This was the city swimming pool. George said it looks exactly like it did when he was a little boy. I thought it was a very pretty place and a little fancy looking for a city pool.
Then we drove around the neighborhoods where he had lived through the years while growing up here in San Angelo. Isn't it sad the way it is sometimes how houses look when you go back later in years to see them? It seems like as time goes on, new developments are built and some older neighborhoods just get left behind and become sad.
Then I'll leave you with this last picture. When George started his forever career, he lived here as a bachelor, in the El Patio motel. He said when he'd come home after work he'd jump into the swimming pool and then order room service! Good thing I didn't know him then! :)

The trip continues...

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. Like your hometown too, I love seeing old buildings and is sad to see what was once a thriving business closed down and empty. Interesting to see where your husband lived back in his days too!
    Kathleen in Az


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