Saturday, June 17, 2017

Little River RV Park Campground

Oh, good! We found a park, the Little River RV Park and Campground. It's located in the Little River Canyon area which is just a beautiful area and even waterfalls. My daddy used to take me fishing in the Little River Canyon when I was little!
 This was a very rustic park on Lookout Mountain, lots of dirt and hilly. George keeps telling me, "You're camping!" I know, I know, but I don't like to get dirty! Just sayin'! :)
 It was late afternoon when we pulled in and the little office was closed so we just picked a site to park, wrote it down and put in our money, $27 a night, and deposited it all in an envelope and poked it in a slot.
 Like I said, it was rustic but the sites were nice and level and each had a picnic table where we ate our dinner. I keep mentioning when a site is level and I'll tell you why. Kiki doesn't have any extra anythings to keep her level. If you are parked on a slant, that's just the way it is. Lots of the bigger RVs and trailers have levelers that are like little legs with feet that will help your rig level out. I've heard some refrigerators and other appliances won't work unless the vehicle is level.The only disadvantage to being unlevel in Kiki is not falling down when you walk! ;)
 A cute little pond filled with ducks was on the site and see them swimming over to me? I think they thought I was going to feed them. Sorry duckies!
Here you're able to see how the park in pretty hilly. The building at the end of the road houses, bathrooms, showers and a laundry. Again, too buggy for me and spiders! I don't like bugs and spiders! Guess I could bring my Raid next summer when we hit an 'out in the country' park! Well, we're about to call it a night but wait...
Gulp! This wood pile and axe were right below our site! I know the axe is used to chop wood but it can also chop heads too! Am I a scardy cat or what?
It turned out to be a cool night and we could sleep with our windows rolled out. Now the question is - could I go to sleep knowing that axe was just behind us?
Until next time.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I am loving following your camping trip! We're campers too, the kind with air conditioning, microwave, shower & all the niceties of home! lol I hate bugs & creepy crawlers too lol
    Wouldn't even think about that rough camping stuff. I'll be reading about your whole trip, we are familiar to some of your stops :)

  2. I agree about the spiders and the ax! For years I camped in a tent in California then the last 2, in a cabin with my family, my mom sure loved it:).
    Kathleen in Az


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