Saturday, June 17, 2017


On Sunday, September 11, 2016, we drove almost eight hours through Oklahoma into Kansas and we stayed in a cute little KOA RV Camp for $34 a night Topeka.
Take a look! It was certainly in a lovely spot.
Here is the office that looks like a barn! Now listen to this! We needed to find a grocery store in  and drove all around but we couldn't find one! All we could find were Aldis and Walmarts. We ended up in Walmart.
We drove through town to check it out and it seemed very dead on a Sunday afternoon. Topeka is the capital of Kansas so we were out to find the capitol building.
A peep at a cute little park! They sure do grow birds BIG here! :)
We found the capitol building and it was very lovely. I just love the dome on top with the archer.
Here is George posing for a little snap proudly wearing his Hershey, Pennsylvania shirt. How sweet it is! ;)

The story continues...

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. The KOA looks very pretty and I guess stores shut down on Sundays in Topeka. Ok, I'm craving chocolate kisses:).
    Kathleen in Az


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