Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hershey, Pennsylvania

 I am so behind on updating my traveling blog so I thought I'd better get with it. I will start posting now and hope you'll come along on our little journey we took last year. I have about half of our stops ready to post so here goes...

We left Niskayuna in Kiki all packed up with Itsy in  tow on August 24, 2016. We do name our vehicles! :) You may have read on my main blog, Note Songs, that we drove 5,000 miles in Kiki on this trip and then another 1,000 miles in Itsy sightseeing. We traveled through 20 states in all and I'll try to share our journey here. The main reason of starting this blog, You, Me and Little Kiki, was to have a visual journal for us to go back and see where we've traveled. I've always kept a written journal for traveling but when you see a picture it can really bring back the full memory.
We counted New York as state number one and state number two was Pennsylvania. We do our best to avoid the interstates and follow the little back roads through towns. The scenery did not disappoint us. It did take us eight hours to get here because there were so many detours because of road work. We thought we'd never make it, but we finally did.
 We've been to Hershey, Pennsylvania before but here we are again at a lovely RV campsite. The campsite just happens to be located on Sweet Street and was $59 a night. We only stayed one night.
 There were little flags all over the park that said 'Hershey the sweetest place on earth".
The office building was huge and had a complete store packed full of everything Hershey, candy toys, you name it! The park itself was very nice with a huge swimming pool, actually two, cabins to rent, playgrounds for the kids and special tent camping places. The staff were very nice and I just knew they'd give us some candy. They didn't.
 Even though we only stayed one night, it was fun. As you can see we were on the corner and we sat out and just watched all the happenings going on. This was before most schools had started so there were lots of kids having fun! We stayed in space # 181 and how nice to be under shade trees. It was hot.
This was neat! There was a bus stop right in the camp and all through the day a bus would come and pick you up and take you to a huge amusement park that I'll show you in a minute.
 You do know Hershey is where all the delicious chocolate candy is made, don't you? The Hershey Kiss! Oh, how I love those little kisses. We bought some packages of different chocolates and let me tell you - they tasted better than ever I had tasted. I do believe just because they were so very fresh. Yummy!
 I just have to giggle every time I see the street lights - they are all Hershey kisses, one, is wrapped in the silver wrap and the other is the bare chocolate! Don't you love it?
 Just drove around town a bit and looked at the sweet little houses.
 One place where the magic happens! :)
Here are a few snap of the huge, and I do mean huge, amusement park. We didn't go but I'm sure to see it all it would take days! This is where the bus at the RV camp takes you. 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the very first step of our trip and hope you'll continue along with me.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. It's fun to share your trip with you. Looking forward to more stops along the way.

  2. I went to Hersey's factory a long time ago, and yes...the kisses were so fresh! It was the best chocolate I've ever eaten out of a machine. I was doing a conference in the area and even the machines at the hotel had the freshest kisses in them. I tried to buy some for my husband, but the packages didn't make it home somehow!

  3. Thank you for allowing me to join your trip,GREAT FUN!

  4. Muy lindos lugares, muchas gracias por compartirlo...Saludos y abrazos

  5. You make me want to pack my bags and go to Hershey. :)

  6. My favorite chocolate, Hersheys kisses:). I'll keep my eye on this blog and will look forward to your next stop.
    Kathleen in Az

  7. I haven't been there to Hershey in years, since my kids are all grown now. We just had a beautiful granddaughter, and I cannot wait to go back with her to Hershey and create all new, wonderful memories with her!

  8. Me encantan los chocolates Hershey y conocer su fábrica através de estas fotos es especial. Saludos y seguiré por acá...


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