Saturday, June 17, 2017

Heading To My Home Town

Here it is Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2016, and we're off for Alabama. Fort Payne, Alabama to be exact - where I was born. See the kudzu? It is everywhere and is lovingly, well not lovingly because it's a great big nuisance, labeled 'the vine that ate the south'. Looks like it hasn't slowed down either.
 Now when I was a little girl everywhere you saw a barn, old or new, standing up strong or falling down you would gaze upon these words: SEE ROCK CITY! This is not my snap, I borrowed it off the internet. Rock City is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I believe you can see six or seven states from there. We didn't go see it this time though.
 I will apologize for this snap as I took it through the windshield but I wanted to show you how times have changed! I guess they're running out of barns as I saw SEE ROCK CITY on billboards.
 More crosses! After all, we're in the Bible Belt now.
Alabama is a beautiful state also and the little town of Fort Payne is nestled between Lookout Mountain and Sand Mountain. 
 There it is! There's the sign! Thank you, Lynyrd Skynyrd for giving us the song "Sweet Home Alabama". You know, where skies are smooth! ;)
Fort Payne is located in the top north eastern part of the state. My mother was born on Sand Mountain and my daddy was born in Georgia and I was born in Fort Payne. We lived here until I was thirteen years old and after that we moved to Texas. I still have relatives here and on both mountains. 
Okay, now it's time for us to look for a campground.
Are you still with me? I hope so.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. Happy you were able to see your childhood home town. I heard abut kudzu, sounds a bit terrifying overtaking everything in its path.
    Kathleen in Az


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