Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

At 3:00 pm, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, we pulled into out campground for the night - the Okatoma Resort & RV Park in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
 As you can see the campground surrounds a little pond with lots of geese but it seems they were  hiding from me! :) It was very hot again and I don't do well in extreme heat so I didn't go out exploring.
Here is the little office, isn't it cute? The folks were very nice and  helpful and led us to our site. We had a full hookup but no cable TV or wi fi. Most of the time we can pick up a few TV channels by using Kiki's antennae. This is a Good Sam's park and was $26 for a full hookup for the night. Not quite what I would call a resort though.
Here you can see a few little cabins and it seemed that the majority of folks staying here were here for work. George did grill out steaks for us and I took care of the veggies inside Kiki and he had a little accident. We have the perfect little wrought iron grill we take along with us and it's quite heavy. He took it to a covered patio next to our site to cook out. He lifted the lid to check the doneness of the meat and the entire grill toppled over and fell into some ashes from a big fire pit! That was our dinner! We were hungry! Here I come to save the day - I grabbed a plate and snatched up those pieces of meat, ran into Kiki and gently rinsed them off under the water and we were good to go! What can I say? We're camping.
 We had neighbors  who came to visit.
We woke up before daylight and off we went down the couple of miles of dirt road to find the highway. Our GPS was not cooperating and Kiki was almost out of gas! Lord, have mercy. George said if we did run out we would just unhook Itsy and we'd be off. Good ending...we did not run out of gas, well, diesel. We made it out alive before the sun came up!

The beat goes on so until then...

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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  1. That is camping alright:). Onwards go!
    Kathleen in Az


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