Saturday, June 17, 2017

Exploring Kellogg, Iowa

We hopped into Itsy our little Smart car and off we went to explore the little town of Kellogg.
 Like I said - corn fields! Beautiful corn fields.
 A most precious little church and I would have liked to have been there on a Sunday morning to worship with the congregation.
 We found this little museum in town but it was closed. So we don't know anything about the history of Kellogg.I just kept thinking 'Kellogg Corn Flakes'. I have no idea if this town had anything to do with corn flakes.
These old cars were in a lot next to a house and it was dressed up with pumpkins. That rusty Model A is like George's car, Sybbie. Except Sybbie is perfect!
 We were enjoying the scenery.
 We never know what we'll run into when we're out poodling! We discovered the Rock Creek State Park out in the country and on a pretty little lake.
 Ducks! Or are those geese? When we walked up the ducks or geese started heading toward us because I think folks must feed them.
 Here we are posing for photos. If you'll look above my tiny head you'll see Itsy. It is so worth it towing her so we can do just this.
We spotted quite a few eagles! Or at least we think they were eagles. It was pretty hard to tell but I did see little white heads! So we're sticking to seeing eagles! :) Couldn't been hawks, but I like eagles better!
Back on the road again and look at the country side! What a lovely area.
 Of course we had to go back to the grocery store because we always need groceries of some sort. We have never heard of HyVee before but loved it! It was a very nice grocery story and...
They had a section of their parking lot set up with cute Halloween props and pun'kins! Don't we love our pun'kins! 

Next stop ~ Illinois.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. Sheila, I absolutely loved joining you and George on your trip down Memory Lane!! I loved the stories about your families, the places you lived,work, went to school etc. I have had an enjoyable afternoon!!! thank you for sharing your road trip with all of us....
    Debbi Saunders

  2. I certainly agree with Debbie! Looks like Fall is knocking at the door and I do love pumpkins too:).
    Kathleen in Az


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