Saturday, June 17, 2017

Driving Through Northern Kansas

We left Topeka and drove through Northern Kansas. As you can see, George was at the wheel of Kiki. I think in our entire trip I drove for about 40 minutes!
 What a beautiful scenic drive it was! As you can see there was lots of farming, barns and corn fields!
 I just love seeing these barns. Some new but most of them were quite old.
 Did I say there were corn fields? I had never seen so many corn fields in my life. You could even smell the husky smell of the corn stalks.Whew! I was so glad we didn't run into any wicked witches. You have heard of those wicked witches from Kansas haven't you? :0
 Then we arrived in Nebraska our very first time to enter this state.
 We stayed in a nice West Omaha KOA RV park for $41 a night. It was 23 miles from Omaha.
 This is the office and the folks were very nice and helpful. It was a lovely park with trees, cabins and lots of play areas for children. The bath houses were truly immaculate. You know I love that.
We arrived early and stopped in a place for lunch. The specialty in Nebraska were these sandwiches called Runzas. A Runza is a type of pastry filled with ground beef, cabbage and onions. There were other things like mushrooms and such you could add. Now the smell was divine and I thought the Runzas looked really good, especially since I like ground beef, cabbage and onions. But...I didn't like them so very much. It was kinda bland just so you know!! That evening back at the park we ordered a pizza that was made in the RV parks office. It was delicious!

Before we left we found an outlet mall and did a little shopping. I bought a couple of little pie birds from the Le Creuset shop, two tops from Chicos and George brought some shirts at the Brooks Brothers store! A little retail therapy is always a good way to end the day!


Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

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