Monday, September 19, 2016

Trip To Ottawa, Canada

My husband loves Canada and since we're about a three or four hours drive from there, he decided we needed to go back and discover Ottawa! So we did. That means we went to Canada twice in the month of July! Yeah, we did!
We left bright and early on Tuesday morning, July 25, 2016, in Kiki with Itsy in tow.
 I just snap all along the way and don't really pay attention to the names of the little towns we went through. We decided to forego the interstate for the little country back roads. I love this kind of travel so much. It does take longer but is so much more interesting.

You just never know what you're going to see!
 Always have to stop and snap a covered bridge!
 I am always fascinated when I see the Amish. I really try to snap discreetly so they don't see me. I've heard they don't want their photos taken. How do you like the caution sign on the back of the buggy?
 Also I love the barns! Love the red painted barns in the northeast! I don't remember many red barns in Texas.
 These are called wind turbines but I love to call them windmills! They are very huge and always make me think of aliens!
 I thought this was a great way to remind folks who drive by to praise our mighty God! I am not sure if they used rocks or if it was spray painted! Regardless, I loved it.

Stay tuned if you'd like and we'll continue with our trip in my next post.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. Love seeing the roadside views on your trips!
    ~The Happy Wonderer

  2. I like to travel the back roads as well. As you say, so much more interesting.


  3. What great sights on your road trip. That is the way I like to travel, the back roads to get a feel of the surrounding country. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. So much fun to travel like this! I love Canada also!

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