Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Found An RV Camp

We arrived on our first day of our trip to the rv camp. George had done some research online and found this camp and decided it would be the one for us because of its closeness to the city of Ottawa.
 Seems this park had been around for a very long time!
 Here was the little office building.
And of course being Canada, there must be a Royal Canadian Mountie around. How do you like that pay phone? I haven't seen one like that in sometime!
The camp grounds were really very pretty with lots of trees and nice sites. We stayed for three nights and paid $35 a night. There was a bath house and laundry. Now I may have said this before, Kiki is all self contained but if there is a nice bath house, we usually use them. Well, the showers here were not clean and kinda yucky so we took our showers in Kiki's bathroom. The other business was handled in the bath house, if you know what I mean! ;)
 Now this was kinda sad. It looked like this park had been a wonderful place at one time with that huge water slide! But it was very old and not all together anymore with a high fence around it.
 Here you can see a little bit more of it. Wonder why they just don't tear it all down?
 Tennis courts - fenced off so you couldn't use them. Not that we are tennis players!
So here we were all hooked up and ready. George usually grills something for dinner as we have a perfect, tiny little grill that we carry with us. I like to cook breakfast for us and this is probably the most we eat sausage the entire year. I fry up some sausage patties or little sausage links and scrambled eggs. Even with the negatives, the park was shady, quiet and the folks were nice and helpful. The biggest plus was that it was just a few minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Come on back for my next post if you want to.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

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  1. To bad that they didn't remodel the park. It really looks nice with all the trees, etc.


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