Friday, September 23, 2016

Crossing The Border

Okie dokie! We've been in Ottawa for three days and now we're heading back to the US! So you just have to follow the signs - Bridge To USA.
 Oh, I guess we couldn't washed Kiki so she would be sparkling clean as she made her appearance into the United States! :)
 There's the bridge!
 Here we go!
 Doesn't seem to be too many folks leaving Canada at the moment so we won't have to wait in line very long.
Almost there! I must say, we do love Canada. The scenery is lovely and the country is so clean and well kept, the folks are so nice and kind and we have always run into someone from the US! The Immigration guards at the bridge were so nice, looked at our passports, asked why we had come to Canada, smiled and said, "Have a safe trip home!" 
I'm sure we'll be back since we're not very far from the border!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. It's alawys great to be going home after a nice trip. Now it's cleaning and laundry time.
    Enjoy the weekend. Bet the grands were happy to see you both.


  2. I love Canada! All your posts about your trip have been wonderful!


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