Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monroe, Michigan

Continuing on with our trip we left Canada and headed to Monroe, Michigan. Our destination was to go to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The museum has been on hubby's list for a very long time.

We had a lovely drive with many fields growing with soybean, corn and zillions of grapes! There were wineries every few miles along the way.
There's just something about these old red barns. I just love seeing them.
 Oh, I almost is the Bridge to the U.S.A. we crossed after leaving Canada. That old Neil Diamond song "They're Coming To American" kept rolling around in my head! ;) You know me and songs.
Hang on, we're about to cross!! 
We made it and here we are in Monroe. It was a little sad as so many business were just boarded up, some homes were too and there were lots of signs like the one above. Made my heart sad.
 Now I have never seen street lights like this before, I don't think, so I had to snap them to show you.
Here is the RV park where we stayed. So many of the parks on the way were filled up being it's summer. We stayed here for three nights. We paid $55 a night, again, fees are higher here up north than in the south and so many of the parks are seasonal too. 
Here we are all set up and you can tell by the grass that is burned up - it was hot! Honey, was it hot!! But the temps cooled down so much at night we were able to open Kiki's windows and have a sweet little summer breeze. 
 This was really a lovely park with a large swimming pool, go karts and miniature golf, arcade and nice bath house with laundry. Our grand kids would have loved this place. As you can see from the snap above, there were lots of spaces vacant.
Now we do cook quite a bit in Kiki (I cook in Kiki and hubby grills outside) but sometimes we like to go and eat out at a local place. We just didn't find anywhere nearby so I cooked a little more than usual. We had to travel quite a distance to find a grocery store to buy some groceries and we found a Kroger! I love Krogers as we had one right around the corner from us in Galveston. But over all, this was a very nice place with very nice folks in the office and our camp neighbors were very nice. I highly recommend this RV park and we would certainly stay here again.

Next stop will be the Henry Ford Museum!

Happy Trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Welcome to Michigan! I don't think I've ever been to Monroe. I'm about 300 miles north of there. There are a lot of small towns I've never been to in my state. Looking forward to your pictures at the Henry Ford Musuem!

  2. Great pictures along the way. The only place I've been to in Michigan is Detroit when I was in the work place. I would have to travel there for a Society of Manufacturing Engineers meetings so I would stay downtown at the Westin Hotel one night and out after the meeting. So I really didn't get to see much.

    So glad your enjoying your vacation. Hope you like the museum.



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