Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Last Leg of Our Trip

Well, if you've stuck with me this long - I thank you. This will be the last post of this trip. We headed on down the road and spent our last night in Pennsylvania.
Did I mention that it was very hot! I mean hot!!
We ended up here at Sara's Campground on Lake Erie. There are two sides for camping sites, the bay side and the beach side separated by the highway. We stayed on the bay side. We paid $35 for our night's stay.
We pulled in because we weren't sure where our space would be. The folks in the office were so very nice. But we were put in a space across the road. So George thought he could just turn around and go back. We were very close to the fence and we can't backup while towing Itsy, our little Smart car, and he went for it anyway. I told him it was too close but being a man, he didn't listen. Sure enough it was too close and we were stuck! So he had to get out and unhook Itsy then back up. The little office man came out and escorted us on his golf cart to our space. Like I said so very kind. I followed Kiki driving Itsy. It worked out.
Here we are in space 49. Did I mention it was hot!! I get cranky when I am hot. I was cranky!! It was a nice park but a bit noisy at night. There were lots of motorcycles riding by at night. Our air conditioning is kinda loud and it does drown out sounds! For all of the spaces there were on this side, there was only one bath house. Usually for a park this size there are more. We have what is called a 'wet bath' in Kiki, a shower, toilet and sink. You shower and just wipe down the walls when you're finished. We do try to use the bath house for our 'business' if you know what I mean. We don't have to, but we do! :) You probably didn't want to know all that.
There were all these darling vintage looking diners on the site. Don't know if the food was good or not because we didn''t eat in any of them.
Such a darling fun spot. I have to admit I took most of these snaps as we were leaving so that is why you don't see cars and folks! I'm so sneaky you know! ;)
We were hot and tired and went to bed around 7 pm. Can you believe it? Well, we got up very early, unhooked and headed out. We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise! We did have a nice trip but it's always so good to get home!

Until next time...
Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I get VERY cranky in the heat also. Still it looks like a nice place. I love Kiki and enjoy hearing about your travels!

  2. Your not lone when it gets HOT, I am cranky also. Yesterday, I got so hot that sweat was dripping off my hair on the back of my neck. Took me hours to cool down.

    I lived most of my life in Ohio by Lake Erie and have been to Erie, PA many times. That is really a cute RV park.

    Bet your glad to be home now. Take care of yourself and stay cool.

    We are having a HEAT WAVE, isn't thee a song by that name LOL. So I got all my chores done early so I can stay cool, the air is about to go on.


  3. It has been very hot here the last few days - really HOT - and I don't like it either. Glad you had fun on your travels and got a beautiful sunrise for your efforts!

  4. Hi Shelia, what a nice stop going home to have a night in PA. Both my parents where born in Pennsylvania. Mom was raised in W.V, but my dad's family stayed in PA. It is a beautiful state and sure does get muggy hot. Looks like you had a nice spot and those little diners are so cute.
    I get cranky in the heat too. And, you can imagine how hot we've been here in Texas however we've had low humidity to that really helps. We are 102 predicted all week.
    I might even be wishing for Fall soon. haha.
    Thanks for sharing your fun trip in darling little Kiki.

  5. Seems like you had a lovely trip in Kiki - how like a man to 'know best' when it comes to doing things, but that just adds to the excitement and gives you another little story to tell the grandkids :)
    Have a lovely weekend,


  6. Shelia,
    I so~o~o understand this post, dear friend!
    Before moving to this side of the Prairie, "Mr. Ed" and I had a travel trailer.
    We use to take it on our Annual Trout Fishing Trip.
    Oh, I hated those bathhouses!
    Now, we rent the same condo every year! Ah~h~h. . .so~o~o much better!
    Other than the heat, I'm glad that you and "Mr. Precious" are enjoying your travels!


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