Sunday, July 17, 2016

Greenfield Village

Right next to The Ford Museum is an outdoor museum called Greenfield Village. So we came back early the next day to check it out. I must tell you though it was so very hot and I don't do very well is HOT! If you know what I mean. If you decide to do this I would suggest the spring or early fall.
 Greenfield Village is a vast outdoor museum spread across more than 80 acres, a place where America's past feels like right now. Located in Dearborn, just outside of Detroit, Michigan; there are 83 authentic historic structures, from the lab where Thomas Edison gave the world light to the workshop where the Wright Brothers gave us wings and the building where Abraham Lincoln practiced law. Visit the home where Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary and the farmhouse where Henry Ford grew up.  
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 Everywhere you turned there was activity reminiscence of our past.
 The Greenfield Village reminded me a lot of historic Williamsburg, Virginia.
Lots of different modes of transportation.
Lovely little shops, stores and homes from some of our famous ancestors.

 How refreshing to pop into the opera house and enjoy a little entertainment. Singing and dancing.
 We were able to tour some of the houses and I was in hog heaven!
 I loved this piece of The Lord's Prayer. Isn't it lovely? It was in the Wright Brother's home when they were growing up.
 We were treated to a little reenactment of the Wright Brothers returning home and greeted by their sister. There were lots of volunteers, dressed in period clothing, who were so helpful to explain things to us.
Look at this scene. It's like a scene from an old movie.

 Had to stop for some frozen custard - tastes just like ice cream. Hey, it was hot y'all! ;)
 Lastly we took a ride on an old steam train around the property. Loved it.
 Scenes from around the village.
 One of the oldest windmills in the United States.
This is a working school and summer camps are also held here.

 These rail cars are put together as classrooms and seniors are allowed to attend classes there. You can see the little campers in their yellow T-shirts waving to us!
I just had to leave you with a snap of me on my 'pitiful cart'! I traded in my regular one at the gate for a more sturdy one with bigger tires so I could really travel. It also had a lot more speed! I did try to find as much shade as possible. Hey, did I tell you I need one of these little pitiful carts? 

Happy trails,
Shelia ;) 


  1. Great post Shelia. Don't feel bad when I get to a big store I look for a electric cart to do my shopping in. I get out of breath pushing around a cart.

    Great pictures and that custard look so good, wish i had one right now. LOL


  2. Thanks Shelia - I really enjoyed this series of posts. Greenfield Village looks just like I remember it. I really need to go back.

  3. Its' been so long since I've been there- I enjoyed seeing these pictures. So glad you guys visited it- it's definitely a unique place and an enjoyable step back in time.

  4. Looks like a great trip. I have a friend in Michigan who goes to Greenfield several times a year. It is especially lovely in the fall. I want to visit there some time.


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