Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Visit To The Henry Ford Museum

Now I wanted to take you on a little tour of the Henry Ford Museum! Oh, let me tell you, you could really spend days in here.
 The Henry Ford Museum is in Dearborn, Michigan and it sits in a very pretty setting among trees with the most gorgeous gate and of course I didn't get a snap of it for you! You'll just have to go and see it yourself! ;)
Here is the most marvelous Mr. Henry Ford.We were there as soon as the museum opened so I wouldn't have to walk so far. I'm getting around pretty good, if you didn't know I fell and broke my knee cap before Christmas and I'm still recovering. I have a handicapped tag so I can park in those spaces and that really helps me a lot.
Well, we knew this museum was huge and there would be lots of walking. I knew wouldn't be able to do it so we rented a little scooter for me and it was wonderful! I poodled around in this little buggy for 4 hours! Hubby walked! :)
Okie, dokie! Oh...I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener...oh I'm getting sidetracked. The wienermobile! Don't you just love it!!
There were so many lovely displays of different eras of common life. I love this 1930s kitchen!
Oh, my goodness! Y'all!!! I turned the corner and saw all of these little dollhouses! I know the snaps aren't very good as the rooms were behind plexiglass but I did want to show you since I'm all into making mini things at the moment!
There were many planes from the Wright Brothers glider to many others through time.
Mr. Ford had given the inventions of Thomas Edison a very special place. The little town over from us in New York is called Schenectady and this is where General Electric is and at one time it was called The Electric City. It was nice to see "Schenectady" on many of the things.
Great little neon signs. Do any of you remember the McDonalds sign like this?
Well, you know you have to eat to keep nourished so you can walk , um, scoot around some more. We found this little diner car. It was so cute although we didn't eat inside but sat out on their patio.
I do have to tell you the food was just awful! But we eat some of it anyway. Yuck!!
Literally, a bite to eat! :) I was having such trouble with allergies that my entire eye area was all red and pink and itchy!! I look like I've been crying.
There was a display of Presidential limos. From the horse drawn carriage that held President Woodrow Wilson to the limo where President John F. Kennedy was shot.
Oh, then the cars! There was so many cars I almost got dizzy!
There was a vacation travel section showing little RVs and even a sample room from a Holiday Inn from the early 60s. This museum was so amazing. I've only scratched the surface here. There were displays of furniture, a home built from old airplane parts, appliances, music, toys, games, trains and so many other displays. I know we probably didn't see it all but we were there all day long. If you get the chance to go I highly advise it. The tickets we bought are good forever! So if we keep the tickets and ever go back we can just walk in and go to town!
I'll leave you with a little snap of me in my 'pitiful buggy'. Man, I love these little scooters. I may just have to buy me one! :) In my next post I'll show you the other part of the museum - the Greenfield Village!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I've just been looking through the posts of your trip to Niagra, what a great break away. My SIL would love the Henry Ford museum, he is a big American car fan. My first driving lesson was in a model T, but no I am not 100 years old, haha.
    I hope your knee is healing up well.


  2. I am so excited to see the rest of your post On Greenfield Village. You are bringing back some wonderful memories for me.

    Ford and Edison had summer estates right next to each other in Ft. Meyers, Florida. We went and toured them 2 years ago and it was fantastic. The original McDonalds is located less than a mile from my house. :-)

  3. Oh Shelia, great post. Thanks so much for taking me along - I loved it and I would be in one of those carts also.


  4. How fun! I have not been to visit the museum but you would think I should have by now! My Dad worked for Ford Motor Co. for 42 years! I'm not real fond of museums but this looks like a place I'd enjoy. I'm glad you found a good way to get around. I know that even though your knee is better it takes a while to get back to normal or as close as can be. You must have been in Michigan mid June? We had a bit of a heat spell and I was having trouble with mild allergies then too.

  5. That looks like a fun museum to visit!! I love your little scooter. When there is too much walking it really is a lifesaver isn't it!!

  6. Hi Shelia, well this was like a visit home again. Growing up, I lived just down the road from Henry Ford Museum in a sweet little bungelow in Dearborn. I was there for so many school trips in the museum and village. One year, my 5th grade teacher wanted me to enter the Country Fair of Yesterday with some artwork. I created a flower mosaic and won first place. What a highlight for a 10 year old. That teacher was my greatest encourager for art. They gave me a gift certificate to spend in the museum gift shop. Oh I thought I was rich with 3 dollars and a blue ribbon!!

    So glad you enjoyed your time there but sorry the diner's food was so bad. I've not eaten there but was inside for some photos one year with my son and my Swedish Exchange Student daughter. We lived in Ohio at the time, but took her home to met my little mother and dad. We took the kids to the museum and village. Oh she loved it along with my son who had been many times before.

    I love the little scooter you road around in to tour the museum. You know, I've had the same allergy with my right eye for some time. It gets red itchy and swells up. Goes away and then comes back again. I've had this before but never for so long. Allergies are bad this year everywhere. I hope you eye gets better.
    Looking forward to your village post!! Be Blessed. xo

  7. This looks like a place that should go on our list of things to see when the day comes for us to head east! So glad you had a little scooter to make your tour more enjoyable.


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