Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crossing The Border

I'm back with the next leg on our way to Canada and to see Niagara Falls.
Do you see that bridge up ahead? It took my breath away and I was a little skeert! It looked like it dropped off to nowhere! But all was good.

 Okie dokie, here we go about to cross over into Canada. Get ready too as I have gazillions of snaps to show you.
Don't you just love lines? :)
Now this was really something here. This was around the last week of June and there were two escaped convicts on the loose from a prison in Dannemora, New York.  There were law enforcement folks out checking all of the cars and when we pulled up in Kiki one knocked on our window and asked to come inside! Excitement! I hopped back and opened the door for him and he asked us some questions if we had anyone else on board or had we seen any one questionable? Of course we told him 'no'. He was very nice and toured Kiki! I so wanted to snap his picture but thought it probably wasn't the right thing to do. He waved us on.
This is where we spent our first night in Canada. Now I could really kick myself as I can't remember nuttin' about this place, the name of it or exactly what town we were in! If you travel much, take my advice, keep a journal because you will forget things. As I told you in my last post, I keep a journal but I left it locked up in Kiki and she is stored away in her winter home. So I'm winging it and will have to come back and update these posts when I get my journal.

 As you can see, it was a beautiful place though, although I can't tell you much about it.
 There were these wonderful yellow fields all around us and I found out they were mustard fields. I'd never seen anything like them before.
 Now this was our next RV park to stay in. Again, you'll just kinda have to look as all of the details are written down in my little journal that is not with me! ;)

 Lovely landscaping and this place had ice cream, y'all! I do remember that! :)
 I wish I could have sneaked this in Kiki and took it home. So cute.

As you can see this was our space # 176 and after we got settled in the next day we noticed we had a little Canadian flag poked in at our spot. So there you go - it was July 1st!
 There was a family group staying right across the street from us and many of them stayed in tents. At dusk, the fire pits got fired up, the guitars came out and there was group singing! We enjoyed it so much. They were always cooking outside and had more than one picnic table set up with food for them all. We almost walked over a couple times and asked if we could join them, but we have manners and didn't! :) You know, I'll bet they would have welcomed us. That is one thing we encountered by staying in these parks - everyone is just so friendly!
 Mr Precious is always up for a snap. Now before I end this post I wanted to share with you a fun event we went to.
While driving through the town or city of Niagara Falls we found this dinner show called "Oh Canada Eh?"
They served a wonderful family style dinner and we sat at a big table with lots of folks from all over. And guess what? I started talking to a little lady sitting next to me with her daughter and she was from Troy, New York which is just a few miles from us! Small world, huh? or should I say "eh?"
I got the above snaps from the website of the performers. The show was so cute. These guys, were silly, heartwarming and sang lots of songs, interacted with the audience and were also the ones who served our food! They really worked hard for the money! Any one 'member Donna Summers? :) If you ever get a chance to see this - go! They made me want to be Canadian for the night! ;)

There are more posts from our trip and I'll get them up soon!

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Well, I have just ignored my travel blog for some time. The summer, fall and winter passed then I fell and broke my kneecap and I was looking through some of my files and realized ~ I have trips I haven't posted. So I'll try to catch up. We had never been to Niagara Falls and decided last June we would travel to see them. One sweet little spot on the way was Clayton, New York.
What a beautiful drive this was and I so love seeing the old farms.
Covered bridges! These are so exciting for me because we didn't have these in Texas. You can see George sitting there and of course I snapped him!
The barns! Folks, some of these are just huge!
I got such a kick out of these signs!  There seemed to be a lot of Amish around here and therefore these signs were for folks to watch out for the horses and wagons.
See? I was very discreet and didn't let them see me snapping their picture. I was in the car as we drove by.
Now I have to tell you, I keep a journal of our travels, where we are, the campgrounds we stay in, how much the space cost per night. But guess what? I left my journal in the glove compartment of Kiki and Kiki is packed off in her winter home facility at the moment so I'll just have to wing stuff! George was so glad to find a place this year that was enclosed where we could park Kiki for the winter. Last winter she sat out and even with a cover on her we were worried about critters climbing in and making themselves at home and hoping all of the snow wouldn't hurt her. She's so delicate ya know!

Well, you can see where we stayed and this was a lovely park. There's Kiki and little Itsy in our space.
Right down the center of the park were these beautiful waters! I can't tell you what it's called because my journal is in Kiki! Trust me though, it was lovely and I remember the weather was perfect
We're amazed that some folks are set up and live in these campgrounds year round! Isn't this so cute? The 'full timers' have an addition added on to their campers. This would be fun to do for a summer or fall but I can't imagine living so small all of the time.
We had dinner here at the Clipper Inn and it was fabulous and the folks were so very nice. We seem to get a lot of attention when we open our mouths to speak! :) It's getting a little bit embarrassing! :)
Poodling around Clayton and what a sweet little town! Lots of shops and eateries.

These Amish folks set up a table at a gas station to sell their home cooked goods. Well, we had to check it out and bought some banana bread and jam!
Just some sights around town. We toured the history museum but I can't tell you the name because my journal is in Kiki! The town was right on the water and there are some pretty snaps for you.

Lastly we spied this cute little garden shop and had to go into it and explore. 

Do you see the little red cardinal bird feeder on the left with the circle around it? Well, that puppy came home with us and it's sitting in the front yard on a shepherd's poll covered in snow at the moment.

Well, I'll continue to get our travels up to date! Til then...

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)