Sunday, July 26, 2015

Poodlin' to Maine

Hi y'all! I'm a little behind on  my travel posts here and thought I'd catch up. Back at the end of May, George and I decided we'd take a little trip to Maine. Bar Harbor to be exact. We've been there several times and just love it but have never RVed in Kiki there. So off we went early one morning, May 26th, with Itsy in tow.
 We love to escape the interstates, get on the back roads and travel through the little towns. Just charming and you just never know what you're going to run into. I must say Vermont is a beautiful state!
 I've put together a few collages just to show you some of beautiful Vermont! Doesn't it look just like an old fashioned movie?
We came to the Kissing Bridge! Don't you just love that name? This was located at a little country store and cafe and we just had to capture the moment.
Later that day we arrived at the Red Apple RV Campground in Arundel, Maine for $65 a night. 
 Here comes our Kiki with little Itsy not far behind! I love this stuff. ;)
 Doesn't take us very long to get set up now. We've had a few unfortunate incidents in the past as newbies! I won't go into those. ;)
This was a very nice campground with many amenities ~ swimming pool, covered picnic table area, playgrounds, bathhouse and laundry and it was the cleanest of clean too. Now this very nice site was about four miles from Kennebunkport and guess what? You can not be in Maine and not have some LOBSTER! So, off we go...

 We came to this restaurant and marched our tiny selves right down the planked walk and inside. Of course we had lobster - the yummiest! Had the best mashed potatoes too (even better than Smith and Wollenskys) and asparagus. I'm so sorry I didn't take a picture as I was cramming it inside my mouth as fast as I could swallow! :)
 This was the view out on the deck, so calm and serene. Stuffed and 30 pounds heavier, we headed back to our campground.
 Wanted to show you that there were so many sites where many lived 'full-time' or most of the time. They had their sites fixed up so cute and most had these little rooms added on to the side of their RVs. These rooms would give you lots more space. Flowers, small veggie gardens and lawn accents abounded.
 See all of those little added on rooms?
What a pretty campground and we would definitely come back again. We packed up the next morning and were off to Bar Harbor.

Happy Trails,
Shelia :)


  1. I am SLOW plus I am reading thru your posts backward! Just now figuring out that Itsy is yours! Cute, cute, cute! My family never went camping but once when I was 12, I went with a friend's family to Gatlinburg camping. We had great fun. Funny thing, I don't ever tan. My friends, Amy and Judy, laid by the pool and got deep dark tans. The only thing that even turned red on me was the tops of my feet! Then, my shoes hurt!!!

  2. Hi Mildred, this is another wonderful place to stay and visit. Love your collages showing the beauty of Maine. Little Itsy is a doll and how fun to tour around in once settled in your campground. The add on rooms for those that stay longer or live there, are darling. The lighthouse display in the yard is so cute. Did it light up at night?? Such a charming spot to visit and stay. I had to lol at Mildred's comment about not tanning but getting red on her feet!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing. I'm having too much fun this new week! XO

  3. Ooh Vermont is another state I want to visit! RV camping does take some learning. i miss the fun times we had but I wouldn't want to keep the gas tank full these days. Ours was a 37' class A with a 75 gallon tank. Not nearly as fuel efficient as what you have. It's been fun going through your posts!

  4. Just catching up on your travels! Your pictures show that Vermont does look just like the movies! xx

  5. That looks like a great part of your trip. Your little RV looks so nice to take along.


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