Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pancakes and Stephen King

 We had our day planned and of course we went back to the Bar Harbor Inn to have pancakes! Now did you know Maine grows blueberries. Little bitty blueberries and man are they delicious.
 What a beautiful dining room overlooking the water. Guess what we ordered?
 Blueberry pancakes. I know the pancake looks a little blue but Lord, it was heavenly!
After our tummies were filled to the brim with blueberry pancakes, we headed down the road, or was it up the road, to Bangor, Maine.
We ran into that ole Paul Bunyan but didn't see his ox, Babe. He really was as big as the children's books said he would be too! Then...are you ready?
 Bangor is where the horror writer, Stephen King lives. When we saw 'The Shining' at the movies way back in the 80s it scared the poop out of me. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.
 I kinda like me some scary stories from time to time and had always heard about Mr. King living in Bangor. I figured he lived out in the country or something but no, he lives right smack in town and of course I looked up to find out where his house was and his address is on the internet!
 I wasn't going to pass up posing in front of his spider webby gates. See those little bats on the metal posts? The house itself is really a pretty Victorian. I was kinda hoping he just might walk out to get his paper or something but he didn't show up. If he had, he may have shooed me off!
This huge froggy was at the corner of his lot and I do believe he was doing his best to get out!
 Just like the other towns on the coast of Maine - LOBSTER!
Just for your viewing pleasure - a Rooster! As we were leaving Bangor out on the little roads I spied this pretty barn with a Rooster above the door. If you know me, you know I love me some yard birds!

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. So much fun to read/see your travel posts. You look so pretty by Mr. King's the spiders and the frog! I love pancakes and I know those blueberries made them extra special! John would love the lobster, not so much! I was searching for my sister's grandchildren, and just saw where amazon sells Dover Historical Adult Coloring books....I could not believe how many I saw for New York...historical houses, etc. You and Carter will have to order some for winter fun!

  2. p.s. forgot to say that the roosters are great. Whenever I am out and about and I see roosters or cow creamers, I think of YOU!

  3. Wow, even more to catch up on :)


  4. Hi Shelia, wow another fun day and to begin with blueberry pancakes. Oh be still my heart!! Loved seeing S.King's home and that amazing gate and fence. Look at that frog. So unique and just like Mr. King to display. You look so pretty by the fence and make the whole place better. This would make a great post for Good Fences on Thursdays. Love the roosters.
    This is so much fun Shelia. Love the background to your blog.
    Hugs, cm

  5. Ooh I love Mr. King's home! The gates are perfect for someone who's produced so many terrifying stories! Love the rooster!

  6. I went to Maine years ago and loved it. We stayed mostly on the coast! I think the blueberry pancakes look yummy and how cool to see Stephen Kings house! Love that gate!


  7. Gosh those are quite some gates aren't they! Not my taste, but I can see how they fit the owner! xx

  8. You reeled me in with pancakes and stephen King - I'm a big fan of both. So jealous you got to see his house in person. When are you going to eat a lobster roll??

  9. I've been there :) I've been to Bar Harbor twice. Loved it. We ate pancakes in a little place there. They were very good. I've also been to Bangor and stood in front of that gate with a group of friends. What a fun time it was. I've read just about everything by King (behind on some of his most recent books). The Betts bookstore was still open when we were there and I got a few things from there. Love your pictures.


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