Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bar Harbor, Maine

Well, we made it to Bar Harbor and Kiki pulled us into the Hadley's Point Camp Ground. This was a very nice camp ground and a little rustic and there were not many folks staying here.
 We were surrounded by woods and the weather was nice and cool. The cost per night was $44 and a little change.
 See how empty it was? I've been a little bit scared before when we were the only ones in a park but I didn't get scared a bit here. I'm becoming a seasoned RVer.
 Very seldom to we get to a site that George doesn't decide to go for a run and this day was no exception. Here he is stretching before he hits the trails. I just stay behind and cheer him on.
 No, we didn't set the woods on fire. The flames did die down enough to grill some ham steaks and corn on the cob. The corn didn't get done! Oh well, I'm learning.

On May 27th, we drove up into the Acadia National Park on the coast of the state of Maine  - gorgeousness abounded.
 Sit back and relax as this is going to be chocked full of snaps.
 Wanted to show you they even post the weather so you can decide if it's worth your time!
 I'll just let you look and I'll try to be quiet. These snaps really do not give this park the justice it deserves! This was so beautiful and as we continued to climb this mountain (Cadillac Mountain) I almost lost my breath a few times!
Stopped in here for a little lunch on our way up.
 Had to stop for a Polaroid moment! :) Remember Polaroids and film? What's film? :)
Me too! Me too, sitting on top of the world.
 Had to hold our breath as we didn't want to breath in any pollutants! :) You know we did not!
 There were oodles of little islands out there.
This little guy was loving the wind blowing through his little feathers! Talk about blowing in the wind! :)

Hope you enjoyed our little trip today!
Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. Sweet little campground. I know how your husband and daughter like to run. I've been trying to "walk in place" a little each day since breaking my foot last Thanksgiving. You know when the cats are alarmed at the noise you make walking in place, that you are out of shape!!! lol
    Oh, the photos you shared of the park are marvelous. Must be breathtaking in person!

  2. Shelia what a great little campground. It truly is beautiful and your photos are so amazing. Look at your two in the polaroids. I remember those and still have a few in my stash of old pics. Anyway, you make the mountains look gorgeous in your pretty photo. I bet your hubby enjoyed his run here too.
    Love your little car for sight seeing. It's too cute and looks like Kiki's baby!
    So enjoying traveling with you this morning. Blessings, cm

  3. I've always wanted to visit Acadia National Park. It looks beautiful and the campground looked like a nice one. I guess you guys were early in the season- hopefully the campground filled up as the summer progressed. You are so cute and are livin the life!

  4. Enjoyed these posts from Maine. I've been all over Maine a couple of times -- your photos brought back lots of memories. Especially those from Bar Harbor. In my head, I can still hear my grandfather pronounce "Baaa Haaaabaa". He was born in Maine; and even though he moved to Colorado as a child, he never lost that accent!!! Sally

  5. I love your travels in Kiki! Maine is so pretty! Love those views!


  6. I have seen Acadia only in pictures and always thought it looked beautiful and your photos and story confirm that! So glad that you enjoyed it! xx

  7. Gorgeous country and don't you look adorable sitting there?

  8. I think we stopped in that same place to take pictures :) I loved the park and Cadillac Mountain. I was so impressed with the blue skies and blue water there. You are making me want to go there again. That little RV park looks nice.


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