Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trip to Mystic, Connecticut

Hi there! Well, I'm a little behind on posting another one of our trips and thought today would be the day to share with you an excursion back to Mystic, Connecticut. We drove here last year in March  before we moved to New York and knew we wanted to come back.We took this trip on March 28th.
I took the above snap from the website. This is the campground we stayed in right outside of Old Mystic. Now I always try to be honest with you when telling you about the campgrounds. We probably would never come back here. The folks were nice at the office, the sites were large and level and there was a picnic table at each site too. I've told you before, Kiki has all of the comforts of the large RVs but since our sewer tank is so small, we try to stay close to the campground bath houses. The bath house here looked rather new but was very cheaply built. The ladies area stayed dirty the entire three nights we stayed here. The shower area had drainage holes for the water but it must have been built on a slant because when you took a shower instead of the water going down the drainage hole it just filled the entire bath house floor with the bath water. Yuk! Needless to say, after that I showered in Kiki. If you didn't use the bath house I guess it would be okay. As you can see this was in late April and the trees didn't have their leaves yet.
 This was our site so don't give up on me yet. There is some really good stuff to come.
 How nice to just park Kiki and then hop into little Itsy our Smart car, and go sight seeing.
 I am in love with this Mystic welcome sign!
 We spent half of the day at this wonderful seaport museum.
Come on and take the tour with me. Look at the tall ship!
Wanna snack? I think these were cod laying out in the sun to dry.
I'll shut up and allow you to see for yourself what a wonderful place this was.
Now we're inside the museum and look at all of the wonderful ship heads. Is that what they're called?

Found out that when a new ship was ready to sail a replica had to be made and this is one. Isn't it stunning?
There was a lovely house to tour also.
Hubby looking so cute!
This tree was absolutely gorgeous. Is it called a tulip tree?
Hope you've enjoyed our little trip and I see by the clock on the wall it's time to leave! :)

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. What a delightful place to visit! Didn't you just want to sit down and play that piano in the chapel? This one will be on our list of places to see someday, for sure.

  2. What a great time it looks like you two had! I love seeing all of the pictures...ships, buildings, etc. That tree in this post that you called the Tulip Tree...looks to me to be a Dogwood favorite tree! Here's the Legend of the Dogwood Tree...

    Jan ♥

  3. Shelia,
    Interesting clock!!!
    How do you tell the time???
    Lovely tour and I am swooning over the lighthouse!!!
    The anchor speaks volumes to me!!!
    Thanks for taking us along!!!

  4. Hi Dear Shelia! Oh, I have enjoyed catching up on your travels tonight. You are taking my dream trip! I love the photos and your Itsy is adorable and so handy! Blessings to you both tonight.

  5. You sillies.....that's a magnolia tree!!!

  6. Caught up on all your travels tonight. Love your little car to go buzzing around in. It's perfect. I love Mystic the town is magical. Beautiful pictures of your trip. Have a wonderful time and thanks for taking us along with you.

  7. I loved it there too when we visited. Seeing these pictures brings back some good memories! The tulip tree is a magnolia tree. The flowers resemble tulips so some people call them that. That camground shower experience is terrible! I hope you let them know about it- definitely sounds unhealthy! I can't figure that clock out :-) my nephew lives near this area so I have a close by relative we can go see over there. I love how the East is full of historical places like this.

  8. What a fun trip. I do love seaports!

  9. I always enjoy your trip pictures. Looks like such an interesting place. We stopped at a little place like that when we went to Canada, but I'm not sure which one. Love that area.


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