Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's About Time For Another Trip In Kiki

Hi y'all! It's been a while - seven months to be exact, since I've been able to post on this blog. The hard winter prevented us from RVing and campgrounds are seasonal up here and are just starting to open up again. We were itching to hit the road! You may have seen on my other blog, Note Songs, that Kiki had a baby! Well, hubby bought a Smart car to tow behind Kiki and to poodle around in when we go RVing. We had originally named 'the baby' Smartie but decided we'd change her name to Itsy. The dealership where we bought Itsy has a summer party for all of the area Smart car owners and it's called a Smartie, go figure!
Here is little Itsy raring to go! We couldn't wait to take a trip so we packed up and off we went. There is so much to discover in upstate New York so that's where we headed.
We ended up outside of Verona, New York, and only about 120 miles from where we live. Indian tribes named Oneida? I thought Oneida was only silverware! :)
This was a lovely park even though everything was still sorta dead. Tulips and daffs were just popping up out of the ground. It warmed up to 72' and we loved it! We stayed two nights. The first night was $40 and the second night was half price! The facilities were very nice and the park had received 10s on all aspects. If you get the chance to stay here, you wouldn't be disappointed.
There were so many Canadian geese around.
Here was our spot and each spot had a picnic table and fire pit. I enjoy making breakfast in Kiki each morning but for our other meals we ate out. There was also a casino ran by the Oneida Indian nation and we ate at the buffet one evening and it was just kinda blah to me. But! we went back the next night and ate at a Asian place called Peach Blossom and it was fantastic! I had some friend shrimp covered in a creamy honey sauce. Man, it was good.
Our days were spent poodling around the area sight seeing and thrifting a bit. I found a few pieces of Butterprint Pyrex and I'll show that to you later. The above snap is the camera in Kiki that we kept on while towing so we could watch Itsy and make sure she was behaving! :) She did tow wonderfully and it didn't even feel like we were pulling any thing.
Even though Spring had not sprung yet, upstate New York was still beautiful. Little towns and villages just dissolved into each other. I wanted to take you along sight seeing with us.
Just enjoy...
Hope you've enjoyed going along with us on our little trip. Hubby is already making plans for more trips. Hopefully things will have greened up by the time in hop into Kiki again. Thanks for visiting

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)