Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Touring Graceland

Okie dokie! This day was June 19, 2014 and I promised you a tour of Elvis' Graceland. Now I must tell you we were surprised as to the condition of Graceland. You know Elvis passed away in 1977 and I remember exactly where I was. We were taking a road trip with the children to New Orleans and of course we were listening to rock and roll on the radio and then the announcement came on that Elvis had died. Anyway, we thought Graceland would be a little dingy and run down. Nope! It was absolutely pristine! 1970s, on the inside, but pristine. I'll try not to talk too much and let you take the tour. I must say - I loved it!
I thought these lions were out of place and there should have been hound dogs flanking the entrance. What do you think! :) Okay, I'll shut up now.
Wait! Is that a flair range like Robin at Decorating Tennis Girl has?
 Had to snap in the mirrored stairway!
 Lisa Marie's play set.
 Oops! Sorry about the duplicate snap up there.
They told us this was were Elvis had been a few hours before he died - at the piano.
Well, this concludes our tour of Graceland. I really did enjoy myself. There was so much to see. We took a little van over to the house and toured it and the van brought us back. Then we walked around the shops and saw Elvis' cars and planes. I took a picture but it was blurry of the seat belts in his plane - they were gold plated!


  1. Hi Sheila, loved your tour of Graceland....several years ago my hubby and I were in Nashville on a business trip for him and we decided to drive down to Memphis and tour Graceland. Boy am I glad we did! We loved it too...especially enjoyed hearing about how he had such a close relationship with his parents and enjoyed seeing all of his costumes, especially the white jumpsuit from Hawaii. Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories with all of your photos! Have a safe trip to New York!

  2. I loved the tour! I'm so glad to hear that Graceland is in good shape. I really loved seeing how opulent his home was but still so Elvis. Glad you stopped and took us along with you.

  3. Sounds as though you really enjoyed your visit!! It is amazing how everything is indeed so very well cared for. I was also surprised that it wasn't anything like as over the top as I might have expected. So glad that you got there and had a great time! xx

  4. I have always wanted to go here so thank you for the wonderful photos. I just saw Elvis' gold car at the country music hall of fame. It was pretty cool.


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