Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RVing in Indiana

Another day, another state!  We found a lovely park in North Bend, Ohio called Indian Springs Campground and it was just wonderful!
 Kiki is usually one of the smaller RVs in the camps but she doesn't mind because she can do everything the big rigs can do! :)
This was our view out of the back windows! The weather was just perfect too. Just right - not too hot not too cold.
 Ducks and geese? I'm too good on identifying these birds. Now Roosters I know! ;)
 Chloe Dawn was fascinated with our furry friends but didn't want to get too close. She's a big scaredy cat.
Just a gorgeous spot. The ducks have it made!
 The views!
 What a nice play area for the little ones.
Some folks must keep there RVs parked here year round as some were underpinned, decorated with poured decks and lots of decorations. 

This was a wonderful park and we paid $38 a night. We would certainly come back here.

This trip is to be continued...

Happy trails,


  1. Shelia, this is one really gorgeous campground! Sounds like they have areas for "permanents" as we call them here in Oz.
    Going by that other photo with the maize/corn in the foreground it looks like the area/state is very lush and productive. Really beautiful!
    Happy travels, and I love the pics you take from the vehicle as you're driving along too. er, no hint-hint of course, I wouldn't be so rude......;)

  2. Beautiful campgrounds, lake and ducks. How great is that. Sounds like you and your honey are having a great time touring in little Kiki - enjoying yourself's as your're going to busy moving soon.

  3. It looks like one of the nicest places that you have stayed at as yet on this trip! xx


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