Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mephis, Tennessee - Graceland

One of our destinations on this trip was to go to Graceland!! So Here we are entering the state of Tennessee on July 19th.
Look at this sign - Graceland and Elvis on this side and Beth Moore, Bible teacher on the other! I love Elvis and I love Beth Moore's teachings.
 The Rv park was right behind the Heartbreak Hotel. Isn't that a hoot!?
Here's the camp and it was very big with lots of great big RVs staying there. Kiki was just about the smallest one.
 It was a very lovely park but again it was so hot!!
 Look at all of the cute road signs! I just snapped these three.
We stayed a couple of nights here in spot #1. It was $40 a night and that was a great deal. Don't think we'll ever be back in Memphis but if we were, we'd certainly stay here again. The campgrounds are in a rather depressed area but there is so much Elvis stuff to see.
Woo hoo! We're going to tour Graceland tomorrow. Come back and join me for the tour if you'd like.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I have always wanted to go here so I can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. I've never been to Graceland so look forward to seeing your tour! It is so hot in Mississippi, but I'm glad you made the trip! Check it off the list!

  3. Ah you see, big is not always, beautiful! Kiki being a case in point. Love this park, you'll love the tour, my daughter Melissa and son-in-law Rod Williamson :) were there 2 years ago and she cried and love it so much! Needless to say Elvis is her idol.

  4. What a hoot is right!!! I will never get there, and so enjoyed your pics......what fun you are having!!!

  5. I so envy all the fun you are having Pickle..I can't wait to see your new home and your grand loves all the time..Nothing but the very BEST to you and hubs on your new journey in life my sweet friend..hugs and love gloria


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