Thursday, August 14, 2014

Loving Ohio

Today was June 21, 2014, and my little mother's birthday. This was her first birthday in heaven. Happy Birthday, mother. 
 There are some very nice rest stops along the roads and this one in Ohio was no exception.
 Chloe Dawn loves to get out and stretch her little legs (which look nekked since she was shaved).
We arrived in Centerburg, Ohio, and were amazed to see this about a confederate soldier. A nice man walked up to us and gave us an oral history of the time. Folks are just so nice everywhere you go.
 Back on the road and enjoying the beauty of the countryside.
We arrived at the RV campsite we'd stay in for the night. Meadow Lake Park in Streetsboro, Ohio.
 This was another lovely park and beautifully kept too.
After Kiki was set up, we ordered some pizza. We found out at the office a local pizza place would deliver pizza and it was just delicious!
Again, the weather was just beautiful. Perfectly cool and comfy outside. We slept with our window open and cozied up under quilts! I love that!
 Here's a fulltimer with their site all set up. Isn't it cute?
This was a park we would stay at again if the occasion came up. We paid $31 for the night. Pizza and sleeping with the windows open was so nice!

We'll be heading for New York so if you want to come along this trip will be continued...

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Hard to believe a year has already passed since you lost your mother. Bless her soul!
    This looks like a picture perfect camping site!
    I bet you are or have been enjoying the countryside as you make your way East! I'm excited for you and all that you have to look forward to!

  2. Birthdays and anniversaries of various kinds are such markers of time and always bittersweet.
    Well, I'm loving OHIO, what a marvellous state! The countryside is stunning.
    Oh cruel woman you mention delicious PIZZA when I'm on a strict diet?!
    Happy travels, happy snuggling!
    Enjoy the coming weekend.

  3. It doesn't seem a year ago that you lost your little mother. That first birthday anniversary would bring it all back to you.
    I'm loving the road trip so far, this may be the only way I get to see your part of the world.


  4. I am enjoying seeing your travels along on this trip. I am sure that your Mom would be pleased to know that you were on this lovely journey. xx


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