Friday, August 8, 2014

Heading For Kentucky

Our mission today was to drive to Paducah, Kentucky. But we needed some nourishment and saw this little bar-b-que place by the side of the road near Ripley, Tennessee. We backed up and it's the best reason for backing Kiki up EVER!
 Honestly, this was the best mouth watering chopped bar-b-que sandwich in the world! Lord, have mercy!
Good ole Lee really knows how to smoke up some pork! Yummy.

Okay! We arrived at the Duck Creek RV Park in Paducah, Kentucky. Very nicely kept park and it was only $28 a night. Comparing the Good Sam Park Club to the KOAs, Good Sam's seem to be a little less expensive. That's not my snap above. I got it somewhere on the internet as I forgot to snap the entrance. Anyway...
 Very cute office and facilities. All of the folks were very nice and helpful.
 The sites were nice and level and it was pretty hot outside too.
Little bitty Kiki all set up with her awning out trying to keep some of that hot sun from coming inside.
The swimming pool was so lovely and George and I got in it and we were all by ourselves. I loved it. I can't swim but I can sure have fun in the water.
 There had been lots of attention placed on making it as cute as could be.
 You could have lots of folks out here too.
 We just happened to park by this nice cabana, decky patio thingy and took advantage of it.
 It was a perfect place for our Buc-ee's grill to cook up a sirloin for us.
Of course with a little help from my man! That night we enjoyed the steak with salad and baked potatoes. I have a built in microwave in Kiki and I also have a pretty good size toaster oven that bakes so I can make a pretty good potato. We had stopped earlier at a farmer's market and bought some fresh peaches. Those were for dessert and they were so sweet and juicy! Just the way a peach should be.
Well, that's our stay at Duck Creek. A very nice campgrounds with nice folks and a nice price. You all may think we're rather silly by staying mostly just one night at the camp grounds. Most folks are in them for days. We were on a mission, you know, grandchildren! :)

Come on back for the next night and...
Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I wish I knew you were in paducah. You were 30 min from my lake house and if I was there I would have driven to paducah to see you. Darn.

  2. It's been fun to go to Paducah with you! If we ever travel that way, we know where to stay!

  3. I have a friend who lived in Paducah. She is now in NJ. I just love the camp grounds you find. So cute, I would be so happy to travel,this way.

  4. Sounds like you are having a very nice vacation and taking in all the sights. Kiki is so very cute and you have all the conveniences. Have a fun time.

  5. I love good bbq! Looks like a very neat and peaceful place to stay overnight. I know you enjoyed the steak, potatoes and peaches!

  6. I'm loving your road trip so far. Those roadside stops are great when you're on a mission, no need to get all poshed up, just drop in. I like to compare your camping grounds with ours as well, and they're pretty much the same. Maybe I should put some photo's up of the one our caravan is parked in.
    Happy journeying :)


  7. Oh Shelia! I am loving your trip! Looks like so much fun! So glad that you and your hubby are enjoying yourselves. I'm excited about you becoming a "North Eastern gal" You will practically be my neighbor since I'm in New Jersey! Take care and continue to keep us updated, I'm loving it! And thanks for stopping by my blog, it was comforting to know that you understood what happened with us. God is so Faithful! Stay a sweetie :-)

  8. I think that it is a great idea to stay just one night as to me that is the point of having an RV so that you can get out and about and travel around, otherwise you might as well just stay in a hotel! xx


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