Friday, August 1, 2014

After Midnight, Almost

Well, I'm getting tired just thinking about this leg of our journey. After leaving Waco, Texas, we drove and drove and drove looking for an RV park. Sometimes we book a place ahead of time and sometimes we just wing it and today was one of those days. We winged it for 500 miles! Yes, ma'am.
We did see a couple of RV park signs, followed them but nothing was there. Lord, we were getting tired.
Finally, we arrived in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, around midnight and saw a sign for a campground. We pulled in and of course the office was closed. Most places have drop in facilities for folks like us. We filled out the papers and put our money in the envelope and placed it in the drop box. We set up quickly and hit the sack!
 This was another KOA park. These are snaps taken the next morning and it was a beautiful day.
 Too bad we didn't have time to enjoy it. We were on a mission.
 Cute little cabins too.
 Kiki was just about ready to hit the road again.
 It was a pretty campground.
 Chloe Dawn out for her morning walk and she took me straight to this sign!
I promise, our trip gets better! :)

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. You guys really enjoy travelling in your Kiki with Chloe Dawn, don't you!? I don't know if I could have set out on another trek so soon after the 4,000 mile one you just did.

    If you remember, Mr and I would take a couple of vacations - one in spring and one in fall with our 3 pups, Jasper, Benny and Rosie - but with the 3 new pups Jasper, Rosie and Angel...we've done none. When we get the 3 of them in the car, Jasper starts screeching and talking...and then Angel gets all anxious and paces around in the big crate...and starts whining. It's impossible to think when they start doing that! We've driven 45 minutes one way and home again...and the 2 of them did it the ENTIRE time!! The next time we needed to drive the 45 minute trip there and back, I held Angel. She was quiet and Jasper still made noise. On the way back I held Jasper and he wasn't quiet, but Angel was fine in the crate with Rosie. So now that I know it's Jasper that's creating all the problem...what do I do? Any ideas? LOL!!

  2. That was a beautiful RV park. Too bad Chloe Dawn couldn't talk you into staying longer - but I know you were on a mission. Can't wait to see where you went next.

  3. You are certainly having some adventures. That RV park looked really nice and comfortable. I've just had a look at your other blog and your new house looks so nice. I'm looking forward to seeing what fun you both get up to when you move in.


  4. Well I am glad that you did finally find somewhere to stay the night and that it was in such a nice place in the end! xx


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