Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Sleepover in Westfield, New York

Today was June 22, 2014 and we arrived at a KOA camp in Westfield, New York.
 This was the Woodsie Lake RV Park and we paid $40 for the night.
Cute cute!
The laundry and bathrooms.
Love these little guys telling us to go slow.
The office with wonderfully nice folks.
The views! Amazingly beautiful!
Kiki was all set up and sitting under a tree.
As I was touring the grounds, this little lost boat caught my eye.
It was time to take Chloe Dawn for a little stroll. We crossed over the little walkway and then we were in the woods.
Chloe Dawn was a little bit skeert! :)
We heard water and followed the sound and found a little waterfall.

It had been a long day of driving and I really didn't feel like cooking so we found this cute little place for dinner over looking Lake Erie.
After dinner we walked across the street to this lovely park to watch the sun set over Lake Erie.
And there goes the sun! What a lovely sight.
This was going to be another night to roll out the windows! 

From here we had planned to visit Niagara Falls but we changed our minds and headed to see our grandbabies!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. I love Lake Erie - spend most of my life until 18 around the lake. When are you moving in to your new home?
    How great to be so close to your family, you will have such fun sewing for Carter and her dollies. Enjoy.

  2. So pretty! I love that you are seeing so much of the country in Kiki!! I know you were anxious to see the Grands and now you won't be far from the falls anyway!!

  3. It is very pretty and looks very well maintained as well. Lots of lovely places to go for a walk as well! xx

  4. We have a lake Erie here but ours is not as pretty as yours. Ours is dry a lot of the time but after a lot of rain ours becomes a paradise but only for a short time. I think ours is spelt Eyre.


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