Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RVing in Branson, Missouri

We settled down for a couple of nights here at Branson's Shenanigans RV Park.This park was cut out from the Ozark mountains and we felt as though we were out in the forest although we were only about 3 blocks from the happenings in Branson.
 If you get the chance to come to Branson and need an RV park - honey, this is the one!
The grounds were very lovely and this was a little sweet garden dedicated to a little lady who had passed on.
 The hostas! I love hostas!
 Isn't this cute how they have the spaces numbered?
 Kiki in space #28 and all settled in.
George seems to always be resting, doesn't he? Really he does the hard work of hooking Kiki up and my job is getting the insides ready, when the AC is turned on, of course. Yep, that's a straw beach mat you see. We use it as our little mat before we step into Kiki. We just roll it up when we get ready to leave. We're real fancy like that ya know! ;)
 Cooking out is going well with our new little grill we bought from Buc-ee's!
Each space had a cute little lamp post accented with flowers. Don't worry, they won't wilt - they're fake! :)
This is the office and it was as cute as the rest of the park. The owners were just so nice and seemed like your next door neighbors.
A very welcoming entrance with flowers and cuties. See the little bunny peeping through green leaves?
 Around the other side of the porch were the bathrooms, showers and laundry.
Sorry for the blurry because I was trying to catch up with Chloe Dawn as she was walking so fast discovering her new place. She just loves sniffing and checking out the area.
We were staying up on the hill and this was another area of the campgrounds down the hill. See how beautiful it was?
Just in case I were to get lost, these little signs should help me. Well, this was a very nice and clean place and close to the happenings in Branson. We took our bikes and thought we could ride them downtown, but it was just too hilly. But we did walk the few blocks and it was fine.
This was a Good Sam's park and we payed $70 for two nights. Loved this place and if ever in Branson again, we'll stay here again.

Next post I'll take you along with us to the show we attended.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. A very pretty and green park. Glad to see Chloe Dawn enjoying her walk! Look forward to reading more about your Branson visit.

  2. Thank you for the tour of this gorgeous RV place. Now I think I want to visit Branson! I like everything about this park and it would be fun to stay there. Since Chloe Dawn has already checked it out, I KNOW Joey would be impressed! Happy travels, dear friend.

  3. It looks like a great place to stay and as though care is taken with all the details! xx

  4. I love to see you and George enjoying Kiki!! It's fun traveling with your own little place isn't it!

  5. That's a really beautiful RV park Shelia, and so obviously owned and/or managed by proud people who love it.
    I haven't seen anything like it over here in Oz although there are some really nice ones here too!
    Seems like you have travelling in Kiki fine tuned and sorted now - gotta have a portable grill, its a must, I reckon you're a bit like me and don't like the mess inside! Keep it outside as much as possible I say!


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