Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States

I'm so glad you've chosen to follow along with me on my travel blog. I'm a tad behind so I'll try to catch up. We started off on this trip June 2, 2014 with Branson, Missouri as our destination. After we got home we rested a little over a week and then headed out in Kiki again to upstate New York! :)

Continuing on with our trip we entered the state of Arkansas and made a pit stop at the rest stop! :)
This was June 2.
Chloe Dawn is always ready for a little stroll through the green grass. Now you can really see how she was shaved.
Just a peep inside the rest stop and we grabbed our free map.
I was just smitten with the Queen Anne's Lace! What a gorgeous weed.
A fill up and a little show off! :)
We drove through Hope, Arkansas and just had to tour former President Clinton's childhood home.
We learned his family lived with his grandparents and they seemed to be pretty well off.
The 'poor little Bill' was after his mom moved out with the children on their own. I think they lived very well here. I have lots of snaps so just sit back and relax and enjoy the tour.
Here sits little Bill in front of the same window above.

 Cute little Billy. Look at the size of that cake!
Wasn't his mother a pretty lady? I think Chelsea looks a little like her.
We had a private tour led by this young man and then...
we jumped right back into Kiki and down the road we went.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Isn't it great fun seeing all these little things across America! It does look like a very nice home and the room sizes were generous. Kiki has been transporting you to a lot of fun places!

  2. I love following your little KIKI! xo

  3. This trip is going to be fabulous Shelia!! This was an incredible snapshot of yesteryear, fascinating. And by the way we don't have "rest stops" quite like that over here! :) I'll be watching this space!

  4. Great tour of the house. I'd like that breadbox I spied on top of the refrigerator.

  5. Hello! Somehow I have never followed you over here Shelia, but I am rectifying that right now!! xx

  6. How interesting, Shelia. Looks like you all had a great trip. I adore that Blackstone stove in the Clinton home! ♥

  7. What a fun tour! I really loved seeing all the photos of Bill's house. I do think Chelsea looks like his Mom!

  8. Thanks so much for taking us on the tour, very interesting!

  9. Thanks for the tour, would love to see it too. My in-laws (and then me) had that same vanity!!! I believe it is Haywood Wakefield. Don't know where it is now, I think my SIL got it. Fun to see all this!!!

  10. What a great tour, I'm so happy you had us along for the trip So interesting!! Nothing like a road trip!
    Y'all have fun, sweet lady!

  11. Thanks so much for the great tour of Bill's home. Very interesting.
    Happy Trails..............

  12. I imagine they did a bit of fixing up of his home..I did see peeling paint.. Not exactly luxury...but someone cared enough to make him a pretty birthday cake. He was a cute little boy. I enjoyed the tour, Shelia. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Hi Shelia, What a wonderful tour in Hope. I love these pics and reading all about your fun adventures and caught up on all. Great pics from shopping center to the rest stop. And, I loved that you even had a pretty pot of flowers on the picnic table. You are a girl after my own heart. A decorator even when traveling. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing your travels.
    Have fun, stay safe and see you soon.

  14. Hi Sheila, such a fun trip and Chloe Dawn looks ready for some hot weather. Wonderful pictures and such a treat to see Bill's childhood home. Have fun and stay cool. xo

  15. I'm just catching up a bit - again! I loved touring President Clinton's childhood home with you. Your photos are great and they make me want to add this to my list of 'must-see's' if I travel that way.


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