Friday, July 25, 2014

Going To See Mickey Gilley

We had planned to attend a show while in Branson and went to see Mickey Gilley. Now you probably are saying, "Mickey Gilley! Why?" Well, sit on down and I'll tell you a little story.
As you can see, Chloe Dawn has already heard this story and is taking a cat nap or I guess it's a dog nap.

Okie dokie, about 10 years ago, George, my hubby was on a business trip. He was flying home on Southwest Airlines and sat down by a guy on the plane and he was telling me how nice he was and he just talked the entire trip and that the guy had a night club in Houston and was wearing a really sparkly pendant around his neck. Then George asked me had I ever heard of Mickey Gilley and I said yes. Well, that was who he was sitting by and George didn't have a clue about who he was. So I had to explain that Mickey Gilley was cousins to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart, that he played the piano and sang and owned the famous Gilley's nightclub that burned down in Pasadena, right outside of Houston. I amaze myself sometimes at all of the trivia stuff I know. Also, Gilley's was featured in the movie "Urban Cowboy" with John Travolta and Debra Winger - Bud and Sissy. That was a cute movie.
So that is the reason we went to see Mickey Gilley. But first we needed a bit of nourishment befor the show. We thought Mickey's little cafe would do the trick.
 It was a cute place although that waitress doesn't look so happy.
This guy was singing to the eaters and he was cute and posed for me as I snapped his picture. I hate to be negative, but he wasn't really that good but don't tell anyone I said that.
 Nope, I didn't ride the bull!
 George looking all cute and stuff and ready for the grilled salmon he ordered.
I'm waiting too for my food, a salad. No, no, my head's not shaved or anything - I just have my hair pulled back. I'm still trying to grow it out. I've worn it short for so long that I just can't stand it hanging down so up it goes.
I won't go into all of the hoopla, but the food here was just awful! Really it was. George had ordered salmon and the waitress brought him a chicken fried steak. He's easy and said he'd eat it - he could hardly cut it. She came back by and said here is your salmon - it was raw! Well, the little waitress was really sweet and apologized, but I guess Mickey's restaurant has seen better days. We hoped this wasn't a prelude to Mickey's show!
 The theater was just next door so we walked on over.
Mickey Gilley Photos
This is how I remembered Mickey Gilley - he was a good looking guy and he could really play that piano and sing!
This is how he looks today.

 Poor thing had fallen about a year or so ago and hurt himself badly and couldn't play the piano anymore and then recently he fell and hurt his foot and was in a wheelchair. But guess what? He could sing almost as well as when he was younger and his show was great! I'm so glad we got to see him.
After the show we headed over to Andy's for some frozen custard! Yummy and what a way to end the evening. We ate our frozen treats and walked on back to the RV park. I was a little scared because it was so dark but George was my protector and there really was no danger. 

So that's our stay in Branson. I do believe Branson is going downhill though. So many places were closed or boarded up. I guess it's heyday is over but we enjoyed ourselves so much and it was as hot as it is in Texas! Heck, I was ready for some cooler weather but the first of June was so hot!

Now we'd start our journey home!

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. I loved Mickey Gilley back in the 80's. He had such a nice voice.

    Your "new" photo of him isn't showing up for some reason.

    You look adorable. And I'd write a letter to the restaurant manager. They should know how bad the food and service were.

  2. It is such a shame that your meal wasn't the experience that you had hoped that it would be, but you are so good to always try and make the best of things Shelia. Glad that you enjoyed the show though. xx

  3. I think Branson is suffering like a lot of the country from the economy! Still bad food is always a let down. Glad you enjoyed the show at least!

  4. Fascinating story Shelia, if not a little bittersweet.
    Oh my, everyone has to have at least one culinary disaster!
    Of course you would have safe on the arm of Mr Precious!

  5. Shelia, I am enjoy your Kiki trips. You and your husband look so healthy and happy, and enjoying yourselves. Chloe Dawn looks chipper too! I must admit I got a little shock when I paged down from Mickey Gilley's young picture to his present one! We all are getting older of course but I was not expecting that! Poor fellow has had quite a few misfortunes. :-( Take care and keep posting your adventures, I'm lovin' them! :-)

  6. It's amazing how the reality of life affects all of us as we get older. It's sad that Branson is going downhill and that Mickey Gilley's café wasn't so good. But now you know! So glad you've been able to get out and travel and share it with us.


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