Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Little Trip to H-town!

Hi y'all! I haven't posted in quite a while here. If you follow me on my other blog, Note Songs, you know we've sold our large home and have moved into our tiny little condo. Well, we had neglected Kiki and thought we would take her on a little day trip to H-town. That's Houston to you non-Texans :).
Hubby never puts Kiki away in her house unless she is sparkling clean. So when he brought her out she was so pretty and ready to go!
It was almost lunchtime so we popped into one of our favorites restaurants - Qin Dynasty off of Buffalo Speedway.
 The parking lot was full and I just wanted you to see how well Kiki fits wherever we take her.
 This is a lovely place and the service is wonderful. And the food...
This is our favorite dish on the menu - sesame chicken! Oh, Lord, this stuff is so delicious! We start out with hot and sour soup with crunchy noodles then this dish. I love the fried rice and an egg roll. The sauce is just perfect and the price is unbelievable - less than $8 and we always share an order because they give you so much.
 I'm looking a little worn out but I do try to snap in a bathroom every chance I get! :)
 After lunch, Kiki was enjoying a little stroll through the streets of H-town.

Then we came upon this unique little ride called the Pedal Party! They were having fun and smiled and waved when I whipped out my camera! :)
Our final destination for the day - good ole Costco! Even living in a small condo, we have to go to Costco occasionally for some goodies!  

Hope you'll come back as I have a 'real' trip in Kiki coming up!

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Looks like a great day trip - have a wonderful day.

  2. Looks like a great day. Happy travels to you two and Kiki!


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