Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Little Stay at a KOA

 We made it to Texarkana the first day and this was the first time for us to stay in a KOA park. Now I didn't even get the name of it but it was nice and was only $35 a night. The spaces were pretty large and you can see, each had a little picnic table.
 Little Chloe Dawn came along with us and she does enjoy these Kiki trips.
Poor little thing. She looks a little pitiful. The move from our big house to the little condo was very stressful for her and she scratched and scratched and got the hair on her little legs all matted. I couldn't brush it out and the groomer couldn't either. She called and asked would I mind if she just cut Chloe Dawn close? I told her to go ahead. George says he thought Chloe was embarrassed with all of her little hair gone. I thought she probably felt good.
 Anyway, it was a beautiful late afternoon under the pine trees.
 There was a swimming pool and you can see, there weren't many campers. This was June 1.
 I cooked our dinner that night in Kiki. I have a little toaster oven that bakes so I cooked up some little biscuits (Grands from a can), sausage and eggs! I just love breakfast for dinner sometimes.
We took our bikes and poodled around the park a little bit.

I wanted to show you this snap again. I'll bet you thought that was Kiki! Well, it isn't. This was our neighbor's Kiki. They had bought a work van Kiki and the man designed the inside himself. I wanted to take pictures but was a little embarrassed to ask. You can't walk back into the rv interior through the cab like ours but have to be stopped and walk out and then inside. He had gotten these nice industrial looking tool boxes and built cabinets and a nice sized closet. The bed area was at the back like ours but turned the other way so if the person sleeping against the back door needed to get up during the night - you'd have to climb over the person next to you. I wouldn't like that. And...there was no potty! I wouldn't like that either. You know we all need to get up during the night. 
Anyway, our neighbors were very nice folks and they brought out their chairs and we visited for a long time. Guess where they were from? Houston! It's a small world, y'all!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)


  1. Looks like a fun time. Where are you off to now??? Safe travels! xo

  2. Ah this is the life Shelia!! First you'll probably notice that little chloe dawn will be much more settled in your condo after the move when you've been off in Kiki a couple of times.
    I adore that second photo of mr precious CD, together on the chairs - it's a classic!
    I was very excited to see your bike Shelia - that is MY kinda bike, you can put your feet on the ground! If I could find one like that I'd cycle again too.
    Happy travels!!

  3. Me fascina ver los hermosos viajes que realizan juntos. Esa tarde bajo los pinos se ve hermosa. Bendiciones

  4. Your Kiki always looks like so much fun. Happy travels!

  5. Enjoy your trip! I grew up about an hour north of Texarkana. Oh how I miss the pine trees!

  6. Such fun Shelia to go to these fun places and meet so many new folks!


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