Monday, March 24, 2014

Just A Little Breakfast

Thanks again for coming along with me on our trip. One more post after this one and I'll be finished.
 This isn't a very good snap, but the sun was coming up and it was just a great big ole orange ball - it was so beautiful shining through Kiki's window. Believe me! :) Yep, that's how we finally fixed our beds in Kiki. At one time we had put a full sized mattress over the two little twins (a little smaller than a twin bed) and the bed looked pretty but it was so hard on me and I even hurt my back a little trying to climb in.  I'm very short and had to have a stool to step on so I could get up in the bed. Making the bed was another story. So we just got some memory foam and I cut it to fit our little beds. Much nicer and no more back pain.

Now this post is all about the little place where we ate breakfast! I know, I know, silly. But this place was just so cute! The Derailed Diner in Robertsdale, Alabama at The Oasis Travel Center and right off  I-10. It was built to look like a train had derailed and crashed into a building.
 Isn't it something? Being that George is the past chairman of the board of the Galveston Railroad Museum and still a board member, we just had to go in and try it.
 We were not disappointed...just look!
 All different modes of transportation is assembled.
 Here comes the school bus! Yikes! Behind this was the kitchen.
 This was so clever ~ it seems to be the back of a pickup truck with the bed down. That's a TV in the back window.
 Train car seats at one table. Now you're asking - how about the food, was it good?
 Yes, ma'am! I almost forgot to take a snap. I love my pancakes and these were so delicious!
 George talked me into getting The Conductor's Special. I can't eat all of that, but I wanted some bacon and for $7.99 I got all this! It actually came with sausage and bacon and two eggs. Hubby likes sausage and I like bacon so we swapped. I know, I was eating like a little piggy. ;)
Oh, and I have to wash my pancakes down with a glass of cold milk. Yummy! No lunch for me after all of this. I would recommend this cute little diner and we'd eat there again.

Now I have just one more post of our trip and I'm through.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. What a cute place! My sweet little Tiger would love that place. He is in love with trains!!! Breakfast looks good, I'm a bacon lover myself!

  2. Oh, I love that cute was that??? What fun you two are having!!

  3. What a wonderful place. Love the creativity that went into designing this unique diner.. Your meal looked so yummy. Boy you two are having so much fun~~ Love it!

  4. What a cute place! If we ever get to that area we will have to check it out! My sweetheart would love that big breakfast.


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