Monday, March 24, 2014

Heading To Florida

Continuing on with our trip in Kiki, we passed through Mobile, Alabama.

 Oh, I wanted to show you this cute snap of Kiki with all of the big rigs. The road side parks are so now these days. Well, they're not actually called that any more but visitor's centers. The staff are so helpful with free coffee, maps, brochures about the attractions near by. A nice place to get out and stretch your tiny legs.
 Okay, back to Alabama - this is the George Wallace tunnel we passed through.
 Yea! The light at the end of the tunnel!
 The sky was so beautiful with the sun's rays reaching down to earth.
We passed by the USS Alabama and George wanted to stop and tour her. I said no no no as we had done this so many years ago!! :)
 Then we were in Florida!
The sand looked like snow it was so very white and look at the water - gorgeous!
Then we arrived at our destination - Gulf Camp in Destin, Florida. A little pricey but oh my, it was just a wonderful place. At first we wanted to stay on the beach even if the sites cost $175 per night!
 The beach sites were full so we stayed at site #137 and it was wonderful! The only complaint was you just couldn't get on the internet. I guess that's not why you go rving, but when they advertise they have it, it would be nice if it worked. We paid $84, that's with tax, for the night and we liked this place so much, we stayed another night. As I said earlier, I had cooked some things at home to bring and we had stocked Kiki's little fridge with veggies, milk, eggs, condiments, fruit...just everything you would need to cook a meal. I rather enjoy cooking in Kiki. We couldn't stay in a nice hotel, eat at least two meals a day for $84.
We were escorted to our site by a staff member in a little gold cart. As you can see the site was nice and level with a picnic table and we had some greenery around us. Another little plus, the bathrooms and laundry were in a building right behind Kiki! The bathrooms were all individual and very clean. Sometimes the showers in rv campgrounds are like camp - just lined up together with a shower curtain for privacy. These bathrooms were private and behind closed doors. Like I said before, we can shower and all in Kiki, but if the facilities are nice at the campgrounds, we use them. Also, we were able to sleep with the windows open and just have the cool air coming in. I loved that!
 Let me hop on my hot pink bike and show you around the grounds of the park.
 This park was very full. I don't know how many sites were here but there were also some cute little cabins. The folks in this park were the friendliest we've ever encountered. We met many many Canadians who had come down to get away from the harsh winters only to encounter a harsh Florida winter with freezes and broken water pipes.
Here are some of the cute little cabins! 
 We were just a very short walk or ride to the beautiful white sandy beach.
Here are some of the rv sites right on the beach that cost $175! Well, after we were settled in, we decided we were better off in #137. Can you imagine all of the sand you'd track inside? But oh, the beach and water was just beautiful.
A nice lady offered to snap our picture.
We enjoyed having our bikes and rode them all around the campgrounds and to a nice outlet mall - huge - and I just about died when I went inside a Le Creuset shop! Every color you could imagine and gadgets and things I didn't even know Le Creuset made - even little pie birds. No, I didn't buy anything, we were on our bikes! But we did ride across the street to a very nice Winn Dixie and bought some bananas and ice cream. The ice cream didn't even melt on our short ride home!
George enjoying his coffee outside in the nice morning air or maybe this was after he ate his ice cream. :) We were going to continue on our trip around coastal Florida but the weather was predicting rain through the weekend and into next week. So, after our second night, we packed up and left beautiful Destin. Would we come back to this park? Absolutely!!
Hope you're enjoying coming along with me on my little trip. I have a little bit more to show you.
If you'd like to see it just scroll on down! :)

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Beautiful picture of you and George! I love the beach.

  2. What a fun campground. I love Destin, the beaches are gorgeous. Riding your bikes around is so much fun!

  3. Great picture of you two.....beautiful couple!!! So glad to see you enjoying your retirement, keep on trucking!!!

  4. Oh I am so enjoying your trip while I'm on my little trip. The campground tour was lovely and what a darling place to stay. You and your hubby are such a gorgeous little couple!! XOXO
    Love your pink bike~~ too cute!!

  5. I enjoyed this trip so much, Shelia. I just love Kiki! Great way to travel. xo

  6. You need a basket on your bike, my friend - then you can shop when you're out and about! This campground is beautiful. You were definitely in the right spot. No sand tracked in and a sweet, little space near the restrooms. Oh, my. I wish we could have been parked nearby!


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