Monday, March 24, 2014

Driving Through Mississippi

Thanks for continuing to come along with me on our little trip kin Kiki. After leaving New Orleans we headed out on Hwy 90 to Biloxi, Mississippi. Remember the little ditty...
em eye crooked letter crooked letter eye crooked letter crooked letter eye humpback humpback eye?
My daddy taught me that! :)
Beaches and sand and the weather was getting so much warmer.
I'm happy and just enjoying our little trip.
This is not my snap but we have stayed many times here at the Beau Rivage hotel and casino. Such a lovely place. So as we drove by, we waved!

Then on down the road to the Shepherd State Park still in Mississippi and a few miles out of Pascagoula. This state park is nestled in the area of the Singing River area.
 As you can see, when you stay in a state park is doesn't cost much at all. We paid $18.
 Here was our site #9, it was level and had a little picnic table but it was a little too chilly to use it. There was lots of space between each site so it was pretty private.
 We were really enjoying riding our bikes at each park. We rode through the camp and it was quite full of tents, RVs and campers with only 3 empty spaces out of about 30.
 As you can see, we were surrounded by nature. I saw a sand hill crane but couldn't grab my camera fast enough to get his picture.
There was water out there past the foliage and I kept looking for alligators! There out there you know.

Now I always have a story. I had made some hot dogs and we were munching happily along with some chips and beans when someone knocked on Kiki's door. It was almost dark so it was a little scary. There was a young man standing there and was holding up a sign with the number 9 on it. He said he had made reservations and had prepaid online for this space and we were in his space! Well, George, my hubby, is the kindest man and he told the young man that he was so sorry had done everything he was supposed to while we were acquiring our space and it was a lot of trouble to have to unhook everything. When we pulled in there was no one in the office and the sign said to find your spot, put your money in the envelope provided and slide it into the slot. We did all of that. The young man had the number to the office and he called it, no one answered. There was a space right across from us and George asked him why didn't he just put his RV there and we would be leaving in the morning? Well, that's what he did. I felt a little sorry for him.

The State Park was quiet and needed some attention as it was a little run down. My biggest complaint about this place was whoever the manager was - he was not doing a good job. It should have been noted that the #9 space was reserved. I'm not sure we'd stay here again.

Okie dokie, if you want to continue with me just scroll down to the next post.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Riding your bikes sounds like fun!

  2. I am so familiar with this coastal trip you took that it's fun to ride along with you!

  3. Looks like such a nice spot and so sad about the mix up for the site with the other guy. Sounds like all worked out in the end, but like you said, not managed right~~
    Your little home away from home is gorgeous and I am sure fun to ride your bikes on the campgrounds.

  4. We had that happen many years ago when we camped in a tent with our young children. We had to move our whole campsite because the manager said we had taken the 'wrong' spot! We do have happy memories of that move - we got the kids to help us pick up the tent on all four corners and walk down the road with it so we wouldn't have to take it down and then put it up again! It took many trips to get all of our camp gear moved and we always knew we had been in the right spot but wouldn't argue with the manager! It is frustrating. I think George handled the situation well. Too bad the manager didn't do his job!


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