Saturday, March 22, 2014

Battleship USS Texas

I wanted to share another little trip George and I went on just the other day. Another little day trip.
We hopped into Kiki and headed north to La Porte, Texas to tour the USS Texas. Now I must tell you, I've been in every battleship and submarine from here to Tim Buck Too! I promise because my hubby loves these things and because I love him ~ I go along. This area is considered the San Jacinto battleground area and you're seeing the the San Jacinto Monument in the background which is a great museum to visit.
This was the centennial celebration of the Texas Battleship's commissioning - 1914 folks!
"In 1948, the Battleship Texas became the first battleship memorial museum in the United States. That same year, on the anniversary of Texas Independence, the Texas was presented to the State of Texas and commissioned as the flagship of the Texas Navy. In 1983, the Texas was placed under the stewardship of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and is permanently anchored on the Buffalo Bayou and the busy Houston Ship Channel."
 She is a beaut, don't you think?

 Hubby was so excited and when I downloaded these snaps he asked me why he had held his arms this way? I just smiled! ;)

 This is a picture of the first little sailors onboard in 1914.
 I love this one! Being in taken in shadow, it just makes it timeless.

 I had to laugh when I saw these! :) Now what was so interesting and unlike most ships I've seen, this one is set up just like it was in operation and it fought in both wars - I and II. The ship can be explored from top to bottom ~ the galley, the bunks, sick bay, barber shop, laundry, chapel, snack bar. And there are original food cans, candies, medicine bottles and other things all around.
 I could have taken snaps of all of those working areas but I'm a girly girl so I focused on these lovelies...
 Now aren't these just amazing pieces of silver? For guys (mostly guys on board in the olden days)!
 Look at this!  This is a silver flower container with a built in frog for the flowers!
I wanted you to see this picture when many of these beautiful pieces were given to the ship. It says:
"Capt. Grant accepting from Waco Business Men, silver service presented by State of Texas to Battleship "Texas" Galveston, Nov, 7th 1914."
 A tablesetting...simple but elegant.
 You know I had to have enjoyed myself or I wouldn't have let George take my picture. I was happy and smiling! :)
Some camp sites were set up outside with real service folks. 
 It was a great day and you can see George's smile too! He's holding a bag with a sweet little sailor's hat for our little grandson, Camp! :) You'll also notice our bikes on the rack attached to Kiki. Well, we haven't really tried it out to make sure our bikes wouldn't fall off! They didn't and rode very smoothly. The reason we took our bikes to the ship museum...
That'll be another post!

Keep on sailing, my friends,
Shelia :)


  1. What a wonderful trip, Shelia! That must have been an amazing tour! I really love that silver service. I wonder if only the officers used the silver service for dining? Great pictures of you and your hubby both. Glad you and Kiki had a nice little outing. I often go along on little "excursions" that I would never choose for JUST ME, too!;>) xo Diana

  2. Shelia, I've toured many a battleship also as my Dad loved them being a Marine and all. Love this trip and your great pics. What a pretty silver service given to the ship! George looks so happy and so do you (with your long hair!) Can't wait to hear about the bikes!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Shelia, this was just fabulous. Your images were brilliant, it was fun, lots of historical info too! The girly-girl stuff on board is to die for! such treasures of sheer beauty. I could imagine how happy you were!
    I've a keen interest in all things maritime so this was a real treat.

  4. The ships bell was my favorite! What a pretty picture of you too. Did your husband serve in the Navy?


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